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I just moved over from Dashlane to Bitwarden and there is one feature I do miss.

With Dashlane I was able to just open a website and the browser extension would auto fill the login credentials and login automaticaly.

I know it is possible with bitwarden to enable auto fill (however quite often the login isn’t recognised), but it would be nice to actually login automaticaly aswell.

Hi @Maurits and welcome to the community.

The feature you are referring to is called Auto-fill on page load. More info here: Auto-fill Logins in Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help & Support

For logins not being recognized, please have a look at the URi match detection: Using URIs | Bitwarden Help & Support and possibly Custom Fields if the fields are not filled but the uri matches (indicated by the number on the badge (extension icon): Auto-fill Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support

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Hi @djsmith85, thank you for your reply.
I already read the info you are referring to about the auto fill logins. I have got everything enabled and when I open a website the credentials are entered automaticaly. However I still have to press the login button manually.
With dashlane this was done as well, so when I go to a website everything is done automatically, and I basically skip the login page and go directly to the account page.
Hope this make any sense to you.

Hi @Maurits, that’s great that everything is working.

Bitwarden, currently does not have the feature(auto-submit), you are mentioning, but here is the feature request: Automatically submit login form on auto-fill

You can upvote it and it will be taken into consideration when planning the roadmap for the upcoming year.

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Thank you.
Used the search function, but did not know it is called auto-submit.

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