Launch site with return key from browser extension search bar

I really appreciate using hotkeys only (or as far as possible) when working and being able to open the browser extension with a hotkey is a great start, but after searching the credentials I need, I still have to use the mouse to click to open the site. I can use tab to highlight the entry I need but hitting return only opens the entry. Yes, you can tab through the opened entry all the way to the button to open the site, but that is quite unwieldy.

Maybe it could be an option to have “return” open the site instead of opening the entry. Would really make using Bitwarden easier.

Thanks a lot

I agree wholeheartedly. I consider to be a basic feature of any password manager that you should minimize the friction to opening a site in the vault. I want to hit Cmd-Y, type a few characters of the website name, then hit return to have it open that site.

Tabbing down and hitting return would be an acceptable backup but even that doesn’t work (it opens the View Item screen which should be a secondary function).

I want to like/use bitwarden but until this basic functionality is implemented I will keep using the competition. In the mean time, I’ll keep checking back periodically to see if/when it gets fixed.

This and the auto-login feature request are the two big ones to replace LastPass’s functionality.