Auto-fill credit card causes form submit

Hi, I’m creating a SPA using React.js
On credit card payment url, when I use the Auto-fill card feature of Bitwarden, it causes the form the submit to a non-existing URL. I can’t find the reason why this happens.

Which exact fields does the Auto-fill card feature looking for?
How should I name the required fields such as credit card number, expiration month year, cvc number etc. so that it will work properly.

What could be causing the page to submit and change URL even though I’m just auto-filling the card fields.

When I test the user/pass on the login URL it works just fine on my SPA.

  • I’m testing with Chrome Extension

Thank you

Hello @buka - welcome!

Are you sure it is Bitwarden submitting the form and not something else, like perhaps your browser’s password manager? I ask because Bitwarden only autofills fields on web forms and will not auto-submit. This has actually been a community request for a few years now:

Hi David, yes I’m sure the auto-fill event causes the form to submit.
Can I at least learn what should be the input field names on the credit card form so that at least I can try to match them?

It must be the website that detects that the form is filled and auto-submits, then. Bitwarden does not have that capability yet.

Bitwarden does have the ability to create custom fields for website forms, and it has a slick function to detect and store field names for you. This sounds like it would be helpful to solve your issue. More details are on the BW help pages here:


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I know this post is a few months old but for anyone else looking for the developer docs for autocomplete name Mozilla MDN has a complete list.