Automatic Biometrics Prompt on Open Popup

Feature name:

  • Automatic Biometrics Prompt on Open Popup

Feature Description

  • When Unlock with biometrics is enabled, clicking extension will trigger biometrics prompt automatically as default behavior.
  • A checkbox option should exist to disable this behavior and require original behavior of clicking Unlock with biometrics on lock screen.
  • Avoid triggering biometrics prompt after clicking Lock Now.
  • I originally commented on this at: Far too many prompts to unlock with biometrics (Windows Hello + browser) - #3 by cho-m

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q1/2021

I tried out a quick implementation, which can be seen in below GitHub comparison pages:

Some things that may need to be discussed:

  • decide if better to swap default behavior and checkbox option
  • not too sure if there is a better way to detect initial lock screen. currently using the window.previousPopupUrl, which is modified after every NavigationEnd inside app.component.ts.
  • possibly tweaking timing. currently set to 100ms matching the element focus event.