Keyboard shortcut should open the extension when it's in locked state

I use the hotkey extensively.
A lot if times the extension is in locked mode due to infrequent activity or browser restarts.

At these times the hotkey doesn’t do anything, and I have to reach the extension icon with my mouse like an animal :horse:

It would be great if the hotkey would open the extension window preferable already focused on the master password input so I can continue using my keyboard like a civilized person.

I was going to ask for this and found your post.
This would save me a LOT of time considering i always try to CTRL+SHIFT+L before unlocking the vault.

+1 from me!

I came from 1Password. There is only 1 keyboard shortcut for filling in the credentials. And if the extension is locked pressing the shortcut brings up a login window for the extension.

Actually I press STRG + SHIFT + L to recognize that the extension is locked. So I have to press STRG + SHIFT + Y to unlock the extension. Now I’m able to fill in the credentials. :confused:

This would be a great feature for Bitwarden too! :slight_smile:

Since we are talking about protection, just a keyboard shortcut could be enough?
Why don’t use the PIN, shorter and easier then the password?

THX and God bless all of us!

It doesn’t matter if PIN or Master Password. Actually you have to use at least a shortcut to unlock the extension and put in the credentials with a mouseclick in the extension popup or you have to use a shortcut to bring up the unlock screen and another shortcut to fill in the credentials.

I think that using only one shortcut should be enough. If you press the shortcut and the extension is locked the logon screen from the extension should appear. And if the extension isn’t locked the same shortcut could be used to fill in the credentials. :wink: