Auto unlock and autofill with pin without clicking Bitwarden browser extension

This feature will introduce a shortcut like CTRL+Shift+U and have the user input their pin in the background without any dialog opening. There would be no visual feedback for typing the password, either (just like how Linux distros handle passwords in the terminal) to prevent shoulder surfing. They press enter, and Bitwarden unlocks and autofills with the usual CTRL+Shift+L shortcut.

It’ll go like this: CTRL+Shift+U → 1111 → Enter → Automatic Autofill

Though it’s nice to have Bitwarden auto lock with a custom timeout option, sometimes it can be a hassle moving the mouse all the way towards the Bitwarden icon to unlock it, especially when you need to sign into a site quickly but still want the extra security.

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Have you tried Cmd/Ctrl+Shift-L with a locked vault? There is visual feedback as a new tab is opened which prompts you to login (MP, pin, biometrics) and once unlocked it will auto-fill if a match is found for the current site.

More information on keyboard shortcuts can be found here

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Hello! I remember trying that a few days ago on Windows 10/Firefox, but it wasn’t working and just assumed it wasn’t a feature. It works now though. Thank you!