Ask for PIN without opening a new tab

Currently, if the vault is locked with PIN and you will try to use a browser’s context menu to autofill it will open a new tab to enter the PIN.

I think it should be on the same page (popup / opening extension window / opening desktop app).

Yes, I am also facing this issue.
You are using Firefox, right?
This seems like a bug. Earlier, the browser extension would appear in a small window when using the keyboard shortcut or context menu.

I suggest you to open a new issue on GitHub - bitwarden/browser: The browser extension vault (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, & more).

Before, the context menu and shortcut would not do anything with a locked vault.

Now when the vault is locked, and you use the context menu or autofill shortcut, you are prompted to log in via a new tab with whatever method you have chosen (Master Password, PIN, Biometrics). Once logged in, that tab closes automatically and executes the previously selected action (i.e autofill)

What @Eugene_Bos is requesting, is to instead have it open up in either:

  1. A browser popup (which we decided against as it was quite intrusive and might open on another screen)
  2. Via the browser extension window, which is unfortunately technically not possible
  3. Via the Desktop app, IMHO a very complicated and more intrusive combination with a lot of overhead to sign in. Besides that it currently is not possible to sign in to the Desktop app and then automagically be signed in into the browser extension. There is a request open here though: Login to browser extensions when logging into desktop app and vice versa
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Its both Chrome and Firefox

Thanks for the clarification Daniel.

@Eugene_Bos If you want to open the browser extension in a small window, i think it is better to use the the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Y instead of using the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut or context menu.

After using Ctrl+Shift+Y, you can use Ctrl + Shift + L to autofill.

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