✅ Ask for PIN when filling

Scenario is that there is a PIN set and BitWarden is locked. I goto a website that I’d like to have filled with userid/password and press the browser shortcut key combination (Shift-Cmd-L in my case) to have information filled. Result is nothing happens as vault is locked. I then must click on vault, enter PIN, then either press shortcut to fill or press fill button in plugin.

The feature request is this. When I press the shortcut key combination (Shift-Cmd-L) to autofill a dialog pops up asking for PIN. When enter is pressed the autofill happens completing the Shift-Cmd-L sequence.

This feature is currently partly coded in PR https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/pull/987. It sounds like by the comments the full feature is difficult to code and the PR does not cover all this ideas I propose.

It seems that this is the same feature as requested in this feature request. Consider upvoting that post and posting your help for a solution there.

Closing the topic, as this has been implemented and is available in the current release: Release Notes | Bitwarden Help & Support