Auto-fill stopped working (Android mobile app, Chrome browser)

I noticed that after either Chrome or BW update Auto-fill doesn’t work anymore. Tried reinstalling the app, re-enabling Auto-fill in BW app settings. Nothing helped.

The only workaround I found: 1) first launch and login to BW app 2) then switch back to browser. It’s annoying… but it works.

People are reporting same problem in reddit BW as well. So I guess this is widespread bug.

Could anybody confirm that? Thanks!

Hi @bat0nas, welcome to Community! :wave:

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue - it definitely isn’t normal behavior. Could you please share some additional information about the bug you’re experiencing? (ex. Which version of Chrome you’re using and on which operating system?)

The team is looking into it, but any additional information you can share will help them replicate the bug and get to the root of the issue.

S22 Ultra + One UI 5.1 + Android 13 + latest July 1 2023 security patch

Chrome 114.0.5735.196

Maybe at some point in time BW Android behavior got the same as in desktop case? For instance in Windows+Chrome+BW plugin you need to login to BW Chrome plugin and only then autofill works.

Something similar on Edge desktop 114.0.1823.79 with the extension 2023.7.0, either it doesn’t work at all or needs several attempts and a lot of patience. The extension itself is slow to load. Please revert until fixed.

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Попробуйте переустановить приложение.

Tested with Firefox - no problems and the app doesn’t require to be unlocked for firefox to suggest autofilling from bitwarden.

So this is chrome+bitwaredn problem which has to be resolved in Android.