Android 8.1 & Edge TOTP Autofill Not Working

Where TOTP Autofill doesn’t work;
Edge: CTRL+L launches Edge browser shortcut for a new webpage, not BW, so I can’t use TOTP.
Android 8.1: I don’t see a guide. How do I autofill TOTP in App/Browser?

Also, how do I manually copy TOTP via Add-on/Android/Desktop BitWarden (for example, if I wanted to disable copy TOTP)?

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For the first part of your query about edge already using those default shortcut keys, you can change the shortcut keys for bitwarden extension from edge://extensions/shortcuts.

This is already mentioned in first para of the following help article -

For TOTP in andorid 8.1 i think you need to enable accessibility settings as well as draw over for using autofill. However i am not sure if everything will work as i said.

For manually copying totp , there is a toggle to turn off autofill of totp . The process is mentioned in following article -

I hope it helps
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Thank you for offering to help.

RE: Edge Shortcut:
Here’s what I saw when I visited edge://extensions/shortcuts;

Activate the extension: Ctrl + Shift + Y
Auto-fill the last used login for the current website: Type a shortcut
Generate and copy a new random password to the clipboard: Ctrl + Shift + 9
Lock the vault: Type a shortcut.

Which one do I add CTRL+L to, in order to enable TOTP autofill?

RE: Manually entering TOTP;
After logging out and logging in again, I can now manually copy from Desktop, Browser Add-ons (including the right-click to copy verification code) and Android Apps.

RE: Autofill TOTP. I still cannot autofill automatically for some reason.
Also, now I’ve noticed that, even though I only migrated one of my TOTP outlook accounts to BW, I can see auto-generating TOTP codes for 3 unlinked accounts.
Why does this happen?

RE: Android 8 TOTP Entry:
I already tried enabling accessibility & draw over permissions, but don’t understand how it will paste, because holding to touch on the field doesn’t yield copy verification code, and it doesn’t autofill TOTP (regardless of whether that option it’s enabled/disabled).
If it did work, what is the actual process to manually or automatically enter TOTP into an 8.1 app or browser?

In desktop extension , you don’t need to set a shortcut for autofilling totp. It gets automatically copied to clipboard as soon as you autofill your password.

Just press ctrl+v to paste it in the totp field :wink:

It should happen the same way in case of the mobile app.

On Android Apps (e.g. cloud/email/calendar/notes), BW still doesn’t autofill anything (no menu for user/pass) at all when adding accounts.

On Android browsers apps, BW does autofill Login & Pass, but doesn’t copy TOTP to clipboard, and long-pressing the field doesn’t give me an option to paste it.
Ctrl+V also doesn’t paste anything because it wasn’t copied to clipboard, even though it’s set to copy.

Also, which of the shortcuts I mentioned above do I need to change on Edge, that correspond to CTRL+L autofill?

Sorry i don’t know if this issue is particularly incase of android 8.1 , as in my case (Android 11) autofill overlay popup appears for me for most apps , and for those apps which do not support android inline autofill , the accessibility feature works around it.

I am not sure about how totp should work in case of mobile apps .You should be able to copy it manually from the totp entry field.
Though someone could perhaps better anwser this.

For the browser extension shortcut key -

^^ you should enter a separate shortcut for autofilling password in the above indicated area.
After succesfully adding new shortcut for password autofill , using thag shotcut should autofill password and then automatically copy totp to clipboard. Then just by pressing ctrl +v should fill the totp.

You may also contact bitwarden support if you’re not able to get a solution for your problem.

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I added the BW default shortcut to that field in Edge. Works now. Thank you.