Inline Autofill does not fill TOTP in Android Application

I just started using Bitwarden, and playing around with the application. I was doing some tests, and it seems that despite the TOTP is correctly configured for my PayPal account, if I just use the “quick” autofill from the Inline Autofill in the Android application, the TOTP is not copied; while, on the other hand, I select “My Vault” and manually select the PayPal entry, the TOTP is copied. Can anyone confirm? Should I open a ticket somewhere?

That’s the current expected behavior :slight_smile:

Uhm… but why is that? I mean, why the difference between the “Quick Fill” and the manual selection of the entry from the vault?

The quick fill options differ by OS/Setting/etc - so copying the code wasn’t part of the workflow, vs. selecting the item to fill, which is a standard flow across clients and already had the copy process developed.

I’m not sure if there was a technical limitation previously, but I believe the goal is to move towards the keyboard fill workflow in Android 11+, which should auto copy the TOTP code.

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That’s good to hear - that would be a welcomed improvement!

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Does this mean I should disable the Quick Fill and switch to one of the other two methods in the BitWarden options?

I find the Quick Fill very handy. You can always manually copy your TOTP code after that, if needed.

However, if you have a lot more 2FA logins that I do, you might find this too cumbersome. I would suggest you just experiment and see which method works best for you, at least until the new improvements arrive down the road.

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