Add filter to only display personal items (hide any items that belong to a organization)

Currently there is no simple way to display only items from my personal vault. I am aware of the Lunr search queries but there is no way to simply click on a filter that says “Only non-shared items” or even the other way around: only show shared items

This is probably a better link to how do advanced searches (using Lunr), since it actually tells how to do them in Bitwarden:

In particular, putting this in the search field is supposed to show only your personal items (items without a collection):


Having said that, these searches don’t work on the Bitwarden web site, and although they seemed to work in the Safari browser plugin, it ended up breaking the UI.

I would also really like to have some sort of ability to quickly switch between looking at my personal items and organization items.


That would be really great. That would make it way easier to import data and then find them…

Or an option to just hide non-personal items in the ‘My Vault’?