✅ Add filter to only display personal items (hide any items that belong to a organization)

Currently there is no simple way to display only items from my personal vault. I am aware of the Lunr search queries but there is no way to simply click on a filter that says “Only non-shared items” or even the other way around: only show shared items

This is probably a better link to how do advanced searches (using Lunr), since it actually tells how to do them in Bitwarden:

In particular, putting this in the search field is supposed to show only your personal items (items without a collection):


Having said that, these searches don’t work on the Bitwarden web site, and although they seemed to work in the Safari browser plugin, it ended up breaking the UI.

I would also really like to have some sort of ability to quickly switch between looking at my personal items and organization items.


That would be really great. That would make it way easier to import data and then find them…

Or an option to just hide non-personal items in the ‘My Vault’?

Any updates on this?

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There is a similar request. Maybe better to merge this?

I currently find it a bit confusing how passwords are displayed in Bitwarden. It would be very helpful to divide the view “All entries” into 2 or more groups, f.ex. as shown below:

  • All entries
  • All my entries
  • All entries - ORGANISATIONX_XY
  • All entries - ORGANISATIONX_XYZ

Because if, for example, you are part of several organisations like me and have saved a total of several thousand passwords, it is easy to lose track of them. This would make it much easier to keep an overview of all passwords.

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This is a very good idea, i need this feature as soon as possible :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


That would be a very useful feature! I would even say that it would be an essential featuer… Especially if you forget to add a password to a folder it is difficult to keep track of them…

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I would also like to see this possiblity, since it should be a essential feature.

Maybe you are also interested in this feature I requested, if so, please vote for it :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?

I originally posted this as a “User-to-User Support” item. Since it got zero response I presume it should instead be a “Feature Request” - I can’t change the other post, so I’m resubmitting it here as a Feature Request.

Feature request: please allow me to conveniently filter and show only items owned by me, hiding entries from my organization(s).

My context: my company has an organization and premium accounts for all colleagues. I also want to manage my personal logins in Bitwarden.

Two strongly related questions:

  • How can I use the Bitwarden web UI to filter and show only items owned by me?
  • How can I see for an individual entry whether it is owned by me or my company organization?

When I create a new item the final dropdown allows me to pick the “Owner” of an item. My options are either my own e-mail address, or the organization I’m a member of.

I would like to filter and find only items owned by me? The “searching your vault” docs have nothing on this, the UI has no obvious option for this, and individual entries don’t show the owner on “edit”, not even readonly?

Workarounds I’ve considered:

  • marking personal items in my own Folder (downside: requires you remember to do this and it’s double administration, mistake easily made)
  • using collections to do this (downside: same as above)
  • creating a gratis second personal “organization” (downside: extra layer of complexity, only 1 free org available per person)

So all workarounds have downsides, esp. for less tech-savvy colleagues.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, it seems so illogical that you can set an “Owner” but not filter on it, or view it?! But since my user-to-user support thread got no response, I now presume this is just a missing feature?

@AlexanderS No updates on a ‘button’ to do this, but it’s possible using the search function within your vault

@jeroenheijmans if it helps, for now, you can filter in the clients by doing the following:

  1. Find your Organization ID by copying the URL from the Organization link in the web vault
    Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 9.25.22 AM
  2. The Organization ID is the GUID at the end of the URL
  3. In the search box, enter a minus and your Organization ID, and you’ll see just your items.

Some other nifty tricks here: Search your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support


@tgreer Thanks for your reply, and thank you for merging my post into this one. I hadn’t found it, but seems to be similar indeed!

Your suggestion am sich did not work for me, I tried several variations:


All with my own GUID, not the empty one, of course. None of them seemed to filter anything.

What did work was:

>-organizationid:* // will search for all Vault items that do not belong to an Organization.

And it works well enough as a workaround. At least for me, I don’t think I can explain this to my non-technical colleagues. So a proper feature or filter would be much appreciated, still.

This is such a basic feature, that needs to be implemented. I know the fulltext-search alternative, but that is only a workaround in my eyes. While you already have a “All Items” on the left, another “My Items” should be added, when the user belongs to an organization.

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Updates to this are on the way! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


I understand the most recent comment was “Stay tuned”, but I must add a hearty “me too!” to AlexanderS’s comment from May 11 asking to divide “All entries” into divisions like “my (personal) entries” and “all entries for org XYZ”. I converted from KeePass (shared with my family and devices via Dropbox) over to Bitwarden over six months ago and there are still many functions I cannot do (like searching inside/outside my family-org or accessing passwords when I have no network connection). I’m trying not to sound overly negative, but as an IT pro with decades of experience, I am amazed to have to crawl through forums and end up with a suggestion to copy/paste a 37 character OrgID to perform the basic function of finding my org’s entries vs my personal entries. There is no way I can lead my mother and other family members through the confusion.


Is there already a clear date when this functionality will be activated for all users? Thanks!

Hi @AlexanderS! We’re working on some overall UI changes for the web vault that will include an improved display of personal vs. organization items. No exact time just yet, but it’s in progress :slight_smile:


Okay, if I may ask, does this change the UI of all apps etc. or only that of the webvault? Are there already some teasers? :heart_eyes: Thanks so far! I really love Bitwarden!

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