Moving passwords to an Organization

I recently created an Org. to share passwords with my wife but I found it to be a bit illogical.
I have a folder with passwords we share. When I select “Move selected to org.” I expected that my passwords moved. They didn’t. They got shared. If I delete my password it’ll be removed from the Org.

I assume the way around this is to create the password in the Org. or create it and set the owner as the Org and then I’ll have access to it as well as my wife.

But what to do with my existing 20 or so passwords? Right now they are in a personal folder, e.g. “Family” but adding new passwords to this folder is not sharing it with the Org. automatically and newly created passwords in the Org. will not go into this folder (they appear to be going into the “No Folder” folder.

I also found the Clone method which seems to add a prefix to the item " - Clone" which would give me the option to clone one password at a time to the Org. and then rename each item and then delete the original. Seems like a lot of work.

I guess I could move the passwords I want to share to the No Folder. It doesn’t seem like there’s any doublets by doing this even though the password would now appear both in “No Folder” and in the “Collection”.

Perhaps someone could explain the logics of this or how best to do what I’m trying to do that would be awesome.

Thank you.

Hi @tbresson, welcome!

The folders are only “pointers” within your personal vault. The “No Folder” option just lets you know which items aren’t assigned to a folder.

Collections are “Shared Folders” more or less. They exist at the Organization level and can be assigned to Organization members to access their content.

Here’s a bit more on sharing and organizations in general:

Thank you tgreer :slight_smile:
I’ve read through those articles and googled some more and I think I understand the principles behind it.

The “Move to Org” should really be called something like “Share with Org” instead. Right?
Perhaps this should be posted in suggestions I guess.

Really the thing I’m trying to solve:
All my shared passwords are still mine even though they are shared with / moved to the Org. Is there a way to move those passwords to the Orgs vault instead like they were created there originally with the Org as the owner?

Glad to help clarify :+1:

The previous UI did use the term “Share” - but the connotation was that the item was still under the creating user’s ownership, which isn’t the case.

When you create an item in the Organization Vault, or move an existing item, the ownership is transferred to the Organization 100%.

Thank you again for your reply!

The thing is after I’ve moved the items to the Org. it’s still in my vault (or at least in my folder structure) the same place it was before (I guess now with a new owner).

I can create a password in the Org and I will still have access to it via my collection but it’s not in my vault.

So if I want all my shared passwords in the collection and not in my vault how do I move my existing shared passwords to the Org collection (and remove them from my vault) ?

Thank you.

i’ve been wondering about this too. i have a lot of imported passwords that i don’t use very often and need a way to get them out of my vault without losing them. i thought moving them to a collection in the organization would do it but nothing changed in my vault except the collection symbol is now next to the items that i moved. how do i get them out of my day to day vault without losing them?

You might try the advice offered here, which I think will help achieve what you are seeking, if I understand correctly:

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Thank you for your advice David.

I don’t think hiding something is the way to go for what I’m trying to achieve but it might help ‘mp’.

My initial thought would be that a password created by an employee which is moved to the organization would be affected when that employee no longer works in the Org. and is removed but I haven’t looked into it as I only use Orgs for family business.

I can live with I’m the owner and decide what to share with my wife and vice versa since updating the password updates it for the both of us which is why I haven’t pushed this any further.

BitWarden is a great product and I’m glad it’s here :slight_smile:

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This is what I’m experiencing as well. I’ve thousands of passwords in my own Vault. I MOVED to Organization but they’re only shared. In an effort to clean my vault up, I’ve deleted a bunch from my own vault but they’ve been removed from the Organization. I don’t have any control over the item after it’s “moved” but it’s remains in my vault. Very confusing.

The single source of truth (SSOT) principle seems to still be applicable but it says the Org has it but, in actuality, it’s still in my Vault but I have not control over it after it’s shared. Unable to undo a share and I’m forced to do the clone-relocate workaround which is unrealistic when dealing with thousands of entries. Incredibly frustrating.

I’ve wondered this myself ^^!

Basically, if I leave this company, how are my items (which are Org-specific, not my personals) retained? I’d imagine they’d be lost or the Org would be inclined to pay for a dead account in perpetuity.

Hello @bifflebat - welcome! And sorry to hear that you are struggling with personal vs. organizational credentials stored in Bitwarden.

I think what may help is to recognize that Bitwarden does store your personal credentials in a different vault than an organization’s credentials. However, the Bitwarden apps/clients will display the COMBINED credentials from your vault and your organization(s). You can tell if an organizational item is displayed because it will have a little vault (cube) icon beside it:

So when you Move an item to an organization, it really is moving between vaults. You can test this by moving an item to an org, then exporting your Personal Vault, and the item will no longer be there. But you still have access to it through the organization (at least, until you leave the organization), so it will appear in your Bitwarden display.

Essentially, in the Bitwarden apps/clients:

  • Personal Vault = items stored in your own vault and not shared
  • Organizational Vault = items owned by the organization that can be viewed and modified by individuals given the privileges to do so
  • My Vault (as seen in the Bitwarden apps) = a view of your Personal Vault and Organizational Vault(s) that you have the privilege to view.

I hope that this explanation helps to reduce the confusion, at least a little bit.

When you move an item to the organization, it is transferred to the organizational vault and the organization becomes the owner. If you leave your company, only your personal vault will be deleted, not any items that you moved to the organization. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the clarifications and your reply @dh024, it does help. I am aware of those vault/cube icons and assumed they were Organization owned. I see my issue now, it’s that those items still are shown in my own folders and I’m considering those folders as My Personal vault when in reality it’s the My Vault view.

I just searched the forums, there isn’t a Personal Vault view option easily accessible it seems. To see how I can just show what’s in my Personal Vault, I have to put this in search >organizationid:*. Not practical but it’ll do for me.

Yes, correct - there is no way to view ONLY your personal vault items, other than than the full-text search query you mention. I agree that it is confusing - but hopefully some of the upcoming UI/UX updates by Bitwarden will make this clearer for others. Cheers!