Filter and show items owned by me

My context: my company has an organization and premium accounts for all colleagues. I also want to manage my personal logins in Bitwarden.

Two strongly related questions:

  • How can I use the Bitwarden web UI to filter and show only items owned by me?
  • How can I see for an individual entry whether it is owned by me or my company organization?

When I create a new item the final dropdown allows me to pick the “Owner” of an item. My options are either my own e-mail address, or the organization I’m a member of.

How can I filter and find only items owned by me? The “searching your vault” docs have nothing on this, the UI has no obvious option for this, and individual entries don’t show the owner on “edit”, not even readonly?

Workarounds I’ve considered:

  • marking personal items in my own Folder (downside: requires you remember to do this and it’s double administration, mistake easily made)
  • using collections to do this (downside: same as above)
  • creating a gratis second personal “organization” (downside: extra layer of complexity, only 1 free org available per person)

So all workarounds have downsides, esp. for less tech-savvy colleagues.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, it seems so illogical that you can set an “Owner” but not filter on it, or view it?!

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I have searched some more, asked friends and colleagues as well, but they all suggested the workaround of (ab)using your one gratis “organization” for personal items.

It’s weird, as this feels like a super basic use case for any company using enterprise Bitwarden, all my other situations/customers use LastPass, 1Password, and even Keepass in a way where private and organization secrets are organized separately. Since all competitors seem to have it, I feel like I’m really just overlooking a Bitwarden feature…

I was looking for the same thing. Looks like you can do:

  • >-organizationid:* will search for all Vault items that do not belong to an Organization.