Show collection and folder ownership of an item in list view

People don’t always name items well when adding them to a shared collection, so it would be very convenient to have the collection name displayed next to the item to help me “contextualize” it when selecting from a list. I’d even be more-or-less satisfied if this was just the tooltip on the “shared” icon…


Feature name

Show the Folder or Collection that an Item belongs to

Feature function

When searching for an item or selecting an item in Favourites, there’s no way to see where the item actually lives, either in a collection or folder. Since I have dozens of each it’s a really annoying omission coming from a KeepassXC user.

Why can’t you just open the item and look? Personally, I think this feature is unnecessary and would just add clutter to the search results.

Actually, I had no idea this information was visible when you edit an item until now.
Still, it’s bad UX to have to edit each item in search to locate it. There is already a summary at the bottom with the password history and updated info, what’s wrong with displaying the folder/collection here.

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Feature name

  • Show shared collections names for item directly in list without additional clicks

Feature function

At now shared items are indicated only via “Share” icon next to name, and that’s all. So we can’t quckly understand for which collection each item is shared (see the real collections names).

And even after click on the one item in popup window we didn’t see the shared collections list too!

For view list of collections, to which the needed item is shared, we must use separate “Collections” menu item, where we see the editable form, in which can by negligence (occasional mouse click) change sharing settings!

Please provide the way to readonly view list of collections for each item in item details page, and if this will be also available on items list - this will be best!


I would like to request a fundamental feature: Be able to see the organization/collection/folder to which a entry belongs to, when I use the search, check the item list or edit an item (obviously on all clients, since it is missing everywhere).

This because when a user have multiple collections and is part of multiple organizations it happens very often that there are the same entries in different organizations/collections/folders and the user don’t know which is the right one he/she is searching.

Edit item windows is exaclty the same on all four entries, excep that the folder is shown:

Related topics + references

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This feature request already exists here:

Sorry, I missed it since I first thought that it’s missing only in the search results and then saw it’s missing everywhere. Can you merge this if possible?

For this special task we have a Trey :wink:
And this is how it’s done: @tgreer : Merge, please.



Looks like my life: Expectations meet reality.

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Is there a way to see which collection an item belongs to? Currently, I would have to click Edit on each and every item to see which collection it belongs, rather than just clicking on an item.

The more Organizations I create the more I have a problem identifiying collections.

For example I have one organization per customer - in each there’s a “network” collection, a “server” collection and so on…

In all UIs I see my collections and there I will always find multiple “Networks” and so on. To make things easier I think a basic option to always show “Organization/Collection” in all lists would be great.

New user as of today. So far, very impressed!

Windows 10 desktop app.

When single-clicking on an entry in my vault, the information that loads into the panel on the right does not show the folder location of the entry. If you click edit it does show the field with the folder location.

It would be handy to see what folder an item is in without having to hit edit.

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Would love this little enhancement too.
Maybe something like that:

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Will there ever be a response from the bitwarden team? This is 3 years old and a very valid feature request, still, there’s no statement. We have a lync server in the company and hence Remote Desktop credentials, server hardware logins, Web-GUI Logins and SSH Logins. Each are separated in Collections. When I search for Lync, I’ll just see 4 Lync entries if I didn’t put a folder abbrv. behind it like RD, SSH, etc. Considering, that I have structured them in collections by this meta information already, this is stupid.

This wouldn’t be that big of a change, would it? Or create a checkbox to enable the view, to “reduce clutter”. Please make a statement.


Hi @yorick - I think this would be a good enhancement, too, but remember that this is a community forum, not the developer forum. Occasionally we do see some members of the Bitwarden team pop in here from time to time, but they definitely do not participate in all the individual threads (right now there are nearly 2000 feature requests they would have to follow!). So, just because there aren’t posts here from the Bitwarden team, it doesn’t mean the issue is being overlooked.

I try to follow the Bitwarden Roadmap to see what’s in the works. The team has completed an impressive number of improvements in 2021, and I think the pace is only accelerating. :crossed_fingers:

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Why can’t you just open the item and look? Personally, I think this feature is unnecessary and would just add clutter to the search results.

Hi David, I may be missing your point. What do you mean with “open and look”? In the search results, I see this:

When I open the item, I see this:

How can I see who it is shared with? The nearest way to find it out is to click Edit > Collections. So to find out (not edit) something about an item, not only should I do 2-3 more clicks than necessary, but I need to actually switch to the edit mode. I wouldn’t call it a good user experience. With respect to cluttering the interface, there is already a symbol indicating the item is shared. It is a matter of showing a tooltip if I hover that symbol. Even better—make it a user setting to display the organization name instead of this symbol (save me 3 clicks!) or this symbol for those who don’t like too much info here.


I want see folder of my record, when i searching by All Items

Any news on this ?

It’s becoming embarrassing to have to wait 3 years, without having a certain answer on the possible desire to implement this

It would have been quicker to clone the repo and make the changes on our own

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