Enterprise - the distinction between personal and organisation items is confusing

I have an enterprise licence and encourage our users to use Bitwarden for their personal logins too. But we run into a lot of issues:

  1. People struggle to remember when to use folders and when to use collections. The My Vault and Add Item views make this worse by showing the Folder field for organisation items.
  2. People are scared that their personal items are visible to the organisation. They have to take my word on it because nowhere in Bitwarden does it explicitly say this.
  3. There’s no way to view a list of personal items. My Vault merges personal and organisation items and there’s no way to see who the owner is.
  4. When the browser extension asks if you want to save a password, it goes directly into personal items without letting the user know or giving them an option to put it into the organisation.

My suggestions are:

  1. Merge folders and collections OR add folders to organisations.
  2. Explicitly state ownership and access rights when viewing an item.
  3. Have My Vault only show personal items - the user can click on the organisation to see its items OR make a dummy organisation for the user.
  4. When the browser extensions asks if you want to save a password, it should pop up the Add Item screen so that you can select ownership etc.
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Great summary.

I’d say these are 4 feature requests but they are all important.

  1. I don’t organize enough to have this happen to me yet, but i can see this happening
  2. This is critical. The only way in the web-app to figure this out is to check if you can share it.
  3. This is possible by searching for >-organizationid:* in the web vault but there should be at least a “My entries” below “all entries” to make this obvious.
  4. Essential, maybe even directly put them into a folder or collection. 1password does that quiet well.

Fully agree. In our company we have exactly the same issues. Would really like to see some optimizations like the suggestions from Gary.

we certainly need:

  • My vault

  • list of organizations

so we can quickly see only personal and organization secrets.

Yes please add these features listed!!! We are new to Bitwarden but I’m already seeing the value of these listed requests.

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Agreed, the distinction between the two is confusing and ownership when creating new credential sets is ambiguous. Better separation in the GUI, explicit explanations of ownership, and ownership prompts when creating new credentials would all be helpful.

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I’ve been using Bitwarden in a personal capacity for some time and my company recently started using the Enterprise version. I agree that there needs to be a better distinction between personal items and shared organisation items. I was taken aback at first when I added my first entry at work and it appeared alongside all the shared passwords. It’s not clear that this personal entry isn’t also visible to other people.

This would be great. A button that is “My Items” vs “Organization Items”. Even the ability to default to one or the other across all browser/extension/apps.