Ability to move a folder into another folder

I didn’t see this request from a search of the forums but I’m requesting the ability to move an existing folder into another folder so it becomes a nested folder.
I moved from another password manager to Bitwarden, I imported my data and it had a lot of folders.
So this would help organize this better in Bitwarden.

Hi @Firebush and welcome to the community,

This is actually already something that is possible within the Bitwarden password manager.
For more information check out the help article for nested folders

Hello @cksapp, thanks for the reply. Unless I’m not understanding the article correctly, it’s only instructing me to create a nested (new) folder and then move items to it.
I’m looking to move a folder with multiple entries to another folder.

Hey there and thanks for the feedback! For additional context, folders will be replaced by vault item labels in a future iteration of Bitwarden.

This simply shows the logic of how nested folders are handled within Bitwarden currently.
As noted though by @dwbit folders will eventually be replaced by vault item tags rather than individual folders.

Though for now to answer your question, if you currently have a folder, i.e. Banking and you have another folder already created, i.e. Financial with login items already. You can simply edit and rename the folder to nest as needed under the folder you choose.
i.e. to nest the Banking folder → Financial simply rename Banking to Financial\Banking
This will then nest the folder under the chosen parent folder as shown.

Thanks @cksapp. The step-by-step “guide” was very helpful. That fixes my issue.
So you disregard the feature request.

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