How to create nested folders

  • Enter the name/concept of the feature being requested
    Subfolders in web browser.

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Allow users to better organize their folders and items.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    More clarity and user friendliness.

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature?
    Yes, there are other topics referencing the use of subfolders and the need for more optimized implementation of them.

  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?
    I’ve seen other users mention LastPass in this regard. I don’t have first-hand experience with any platform other than BitWarden.

Hello @Carlos_Acosta and welcome to the community,

I believe what you are looking for is known in Bitwarden as nested folders for individual vaults, or nested collections for organizational vault items.

There is a currently planned UX update on the roadmap (partly under the Navigation Vault Refresh I believe?) that will allow for folder/collections to be nested with a GUI selector to a parent folder/collection as I understand that should hopefully come out shortly.

You can find an example of some of the planned features here.
This will make it easier and more intuitive for users to create these nested objects instead of having to be created with parent/subfolder

Yes, precisely! Nested folders is what I need. Thank you for that information! Will the update only happen for business users? I own a personal account, and it’d be very useful for me too.
I like a lot of the updates planned out for the year, it’d be a shame if this specific update were only to apply to specific account types.

In the meantime, would you mind instructing me on how to create nested folders using the parent/subfolder command? I’ve looked it up and I’m having trouble finding anything.

I love the design of these forums, by the way. Very cool!

Much of what Bitwarden offers is covered within the personal plans, and even the completely free plan is very generous especially when compared to some others. The free tier is an actually usable plan for most of the day to day people just needing the basics of a password management solution.

I would be appalled if this was something that was only added for business users. Bitwarden has always had and as far as I’ve seen, is committed to providing a great user experience overall (even just to those “regular” free users), really personal plans are not where Bitwarden seeks to make money.
Free users, premium users, and family plans simply wouldn’t keep the lights on I would imagine.

How does Bitwarden make money then?
Teams and Enterprise plans where businesses need a good and reliable corporate password management solution they can trust with a suitable staff for support.
Being well tested and offering a wonderful personal plan helps to get Bitwarden marketed via word-of-mouth. People use it personally and then recommend it at work, some people from work start to use it personally and take it home with the included enterprise families sponsorship, those families and friends start to use Bitwarden, the cycle continues and the free tier allows people to easily enjoy the product.

Being that this is also a major UI change in how folders are added I would imagine this is something that will affect the entire Bitwarden vault, and not just those shared collection items in an organization.
Many of the items listed in the roadmap, such as Navigation Vault Refresh or Collection Permissions under the Bitwarden for Business section may not necessarily be strictly for business use.

  • For example collections are also applicable to a Families Organization, as well the additional navigational changes as discussed.

While Custom Item Types & Vault Item Labels under the Vault Experience and Community section would also help many business users to further customize and organize their vaults.
These sections are meant to serve as guides to which features are primarily designed for which use case, such as MSPs features being exclusive to the MSP partner program.

There may also be some features which are strictly for business users, such as those within a Teams or Enterprise plan.
Many of the differences can be found in this comparison.
Primarily features related to SSO and SIEM, etc. come to my mind that Bitwarden would “reserve” only for these higher tier Enterprise offerings.

I again encourage you to reference the help doc as each client would be just a bit different.
Though ultimately once you are able to create a folder in your Bitwarden client, you can create a nested folder.

  1. Create a folder, something like Folder1
  2. Create another folder, with the name of the folder you want the nested folder under listed first followed by /
    i.e Folder1/sub-folder1a
    • You will need to make sure the new sub-folder has the first portion exactly.
      So Folder1 & folder1 are not seen the same.

Typically what I will do is just copy&paste the first folder name, then add / and type the second folder name I want.

Hope that helps and you are able to get it working. :slight_smile:

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Interestingly, the order of these two steps doesn’t matter.

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