✅ Sub-folders (nested folders) to organize vault

Add the ability to create a folder inside of a folder. This could get tricky to handle in the UI though. Maybe we limit it to only one or two levels deep so that we have predictable depths to style for?

GitHub Issue: Subfolders · Issue #9 · bitwarden/server · GitHub

This is the “must have” feature, to manage many password like i do.
Please do not install any limitation of the number of subfolders.


Where the UI is not easy to address, you may show subfolders on one level, dot-separated flat style:


Hi @kspearrin I was interested in subfolders as well and had thought perhaps the same method AWS S3 (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/UsingMetadata.html) does subfolders would a work in this case where the object is just prefixed with folders but is still just a single object and the UI will parse the folders for display purposes.

+1 for subfolders.
I’m just starting out using BW as an alternative to KeePass. The absence of subfolders in my vault is, so far, the only absence of like-for-like functionality (for the features I use anyway).
It’s not enough of a ding to make me turn away. But a bummer, to be sure.
I’ll be looking forward to using nested folders or subfolders in a future release.

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+1 for subfolders here aswell.
Please implement!

+1 for subfolders guys… ive gone through 2 paid and 3 FOSS solutions looking for sub-folders in a web based password manage. There’s a solid use-case for those that use that form of an organizational structure

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+1 for subfolders, this is the only showstopper for me to move from Keepass to Bitwarden

Any news on this? Is something in the works? That would be great, because then we can finally switch completely to Bitwarden Enterprise :slight_smile:

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No news. Tags are planned for now.


Second that! When tags are implemented we should ditch folders altogether (moving current users’ folder to tags at first).

This is a core functionality which is absolutely essential for every PW Manager.


This is the last thing that keeps me at keepass.

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I cant organize my passwords without subfolders. Please, implement this functionality! Thank you!

@kspearrin would you be open to a bounty on this feature? perhaps using https://www.bountysource.com/

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@jcrben I plan to look into if this can be supported after some additional blockers are removed. Later this year perhaps.

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+1 - I would love to see subfolders in the near future!
As Leslaw and kees mentioned, this is probably the only thing keeping me from moving to Bitwarden from KeePass.

+1 - this is a requirement for us to migrate. I’m honestly confused how this isn’t already implemented in a product that people pay for.

Just hold on a bit, @lbodnyk-iss-na-com. Kyle and his team always do the best they can, but we can’t expect express updates so soon. (Unlikely Telegram staff, that is HUGE team. Bitwarden’s just a small team hatching the eggshell yet.)

Bitwarden’s pretty new in the market and we should give it some time until it comes up with the best features a password management platform could offer.

It’s just a matter of time until it comes out. I’m still on LP, but I’m contributing with the community looking forward to migrate to BW asap.

This is something that’s keeping my company from using Bitwarden. With the number of passwords that need to be managed, we’d need to be able to organize passwords by city > state > purpose, or even city > state > role. Tagging would be helpful, but we definitely need to be able to keep things organized by geographic and role boundaries.

The UI doesn’t need to be reinvented:

  • Let me name the folder with slashes.
    • No need to create a tree UI for editing–just show the full paths in the dropdown.
    • Let me determine how messy is too messy and let me deal with it.
    • Update the UI as a tree menu later if desired. I would like to have folders now.
  • Pane UI for displaying folders can just scroll horizontally.
    • Let me determine how deep is too deep.
    • Let me resize pane. I have a gigantic screen.
    • Alternately, could display the folders as a typical mobile menu that only displays one level with an up/back link.
      • This is obviously how you’d want it to work on mobile.
  • There is no need to represent the data as a tree when searching. I want to look through results linearly, anyways.
    • It would be nice to see the full folder name in the results, however.

From what I’ve read on this topic, I feel like there’s a misunderstanding of the value of “folders” compared to tags. Folders (categories) are for structured organization of information. Tags are a broad form of classification that actually can benefit greatly from being filtered primarily by a category–especially with large amounts of data. Please don’t throw out the concept of folders.