Problem with Nest Folder Structure


Thank you for a great app. I’m a new user of Bitwarden and this is my first post, so apologies in advance if I get anything wrong.

I’ve been using Roboform for years and to be honest it’s been a solid password manager, but I felt it’s time for a change. So I’m currently testing Bitwarden. I’ve ran into a few problems, but rather than posting them all at once, I want to tackle each problem individually.

When it comes to RF, folder nesting is very simple - same as how you would create folders in Windows Explorer etc. However, I’m finding Bitwarden very strange as it’s repeating the same folder name multiple times and doesn’t seem to show me an expandable tree-type of structure - i.e Subfolders within Parent folders…

Screenshot 2023-04-15 134022

How do I create a clean nested folder structure where I can expand by clicking on a + sign like a tree?

Thanks in advance.


Did you create the parent folder Shopping? Doing so should nest the subfolders into a tree structure.

Hi grb,

Thanks very much for your help. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I imported the passwords and folder structure from an RF CSV file, but rather than create nested folder, it’s duplicating the folder names.

UPDATE: PLEASE IGNORE THIS THREAD. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you and please ignore this thread as it looks like the issue is related to importing the folder structure from the CSV file. So I created all the folder structure manually instead which is fine.

Much appreciate your help and I will be starting a new thread on the rest of issues I have.


If doing an import of a nested folder structure, each parent folder must contain at least one non-folder item, or the parent folder will not be created during the import. In that case, you can still manually create the missing parent folders, or you can re-do the import after first adding some dummy entries to the CSV file that define an item stored under each parent folder (these dummy items can be deleted after the import).

Thanks grb.

I’m going to give my honest feedback and say that Bitwarden has let itself down. Bitwarden’s folder creation, setup and modification is extremely odd and cumbersome. Why can’t Bitwarden make creating folders same as how a user would create them in Windows Explorer? Because this is how many of the top password managers do it - I know definitely for sure that Roboform, Keepass and Lastpass do it this way and it’s so easier to drag/drop, change folder names, files etc without messing everything up.

From searching on this forum, it looks like other users have been complaining about these issue since 2018 and want Bitwarden to add this feature as standard, but nothing has changed which is really sad:-

I’m going to guess it is related to the fact that in order to ensure cross-platform compatibility for Bitwarden’s client apps, they are to a large extent coded using JavaScript and TypeScript. Most likely, this type of drag and drop functionality is challenging to implement using those languages.

Probably for the same reason, Bitwarden’s development roadmap indicates that they are in the process of implementing vault item labels (tags) as a replacement for folders.

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I appreciate what your saying grb, but what’s the point of using a password manager that is cumbersome to setup and difficult to use? The idea of tags sounds great, but again the idea was flaunted in 2018 and it’s now 2023 !! …So even if it gets implemented, that’s 6 years later. Speed of bringing new features should be a priority in my humble opinion. I would be happy to pay premium to have such features.

IMHO I would say security in a password manager is the most important priority, at least in my book.
Though that’s the benefit of having a forum here where users can provide differing opinions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bitwarden is still a fairly recent product and company, but definitely growing and expanding rapidly as well as reaching out into new spaces such as with the
acquisition of and the new product release of the Bitwarden Secrets Manager Beta.

Yes, I agree that security is the most important priority, but I feel that part is already well-handled by Bitwarden - It’s the rest of the so-called features. Many are cumbersome.

If a user accidently changes the parent folder name, it messes up all the folders below it. Naming/amending folders is painfully slow and tedious. I want to be a big fan of Bitwarden, but in terms of it’s user interface in it’s current form, it’s no match for the likes of Roboform, 1Password or Keepass for ease of use.

I would suggest that Bitwarden could have a 3rd version (which they can charge customers) where even if the code can’t be seen, they add the many features requested for ease of use.