Organizing a large library

I’m a long-time user of Keepass, so my “item library” is fairly large and well organized.
I decided to look for a modern password manager where i can use it on my phone, or share with my family, and, also, self hosted.

Finally i came here. I tried BitWarden/VaultWarden, and it has all features i needed.
BUT. Yes, there is a huge BUT.
I imported my password library to VW, then i tried to adapt the structure i had in Keepas, to fit my needs. I found out that, with VW, it’s a daring task i’m not sure i can accomplish.

There is obviously no drag&drop as many other web and nonweb apps. Worse, to move items, you have multiselect (even if you want to move only one item, there is no “move” in the 3 dot menu of that single item), then use the 3dot on top of the list to move to an existing folder. And what about creating a new folder? you need to specify the full path from the root to the last level you want, by hand, and if you make a typo, you create another folder outside the path you wanted. And if you want to move (1st example) items to a new subfolder (2nd example) and you do a type, it’s a mess.

What i’m trying to explain is that the BW interface seems to be made by programmers for programmers, not for end users. I know, a normal enduser that starts from scratch, will have few items and folders, but for ppl like me with a lot of imported items, it’s a nightmare.

So, my request is: Please implement a drag&drop modern UI, or at least let users create/move folders selecting folders, not items inside, and without the need to TYPE every new full path by hands.

Thats the VERY basic of usability. Like it’s now, the experience is similar to use a CLI, not a 2023 web/app interface.

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