2FA on browser extension

Hi! I am teaching a class how to use Bitwarden, and I’ve harped on 2FA, especially for the Bitwarden account. But when using the browser extension, I never enter in a 2FA, nor do I know if you can require one or if one should require this. And I can’t remember if I entered my 2FA when I first installed my browser extension. Can someone please tell me what is the best way to do this? If you don’t need a 2fA for the browser extension, why not? Thank you!

I’ve just tried on Chrome and it asked me for 2FA. Can’t see anything in ‘settings’ about disabling it. What browser are you using?

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@BITfort I think it extension might be ‘linked’ with browser settings. If you login in vault.bitwarden.com, are you asked 2FA? You might have checked that ‘remember me’ checkbox.

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Same for me.
When I log out of the extension, the 2FA code is needed.

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Look out for the Remember me-option:

If you activated it “by accident” and want to get it back, then go to Settings, then scroll down to Account and click onto Log Out. Log back in and then you will get the 2FA pop-up again.


before I go through the pain, does anyone actually have this working? My goal is to have the browser extension ‘time out’ and require 2FA with Yubikey ( FIDO U2F). Using bitwarden premium and yubikey

2FA is prompted if you login and not when you unlocked. When you are prompted for a 2FA, you are also given an option to remember, so

  1. If you login either for the first time, or you have been logged out due to policy and you did not check the remember the 2fa option then you are prompted with a 2FA.
  2. If you login into the computer and you had previously selected “remember me”, then you are not prompted for the 2FA. I don’t think there is a way to remove one device from 2fa remember list, you have to forget everyone.
  3. If you are already logged in and you lock your computer and you unlock, you are not prompted for 2fa.

Basically you are prompted for the 2fa when you login and when you didn’t set up the device to be remember. This is when you have to enter your master password.