2fa for Windows 10 App as well as browser extensions


First, let me state that I’m a newbie to Bitwarden… So it’s highly likely that I’m my own problem! I have a paid Bitwarden account and have set it up to do two factor authentication via a Yubikey. That works great when logging in directly to vault.bitwarden.com via web browser. However… When I login into the Bitwarden Windows 10 desktop app, or the Bitwarden browser plugins (Chrome, Edge, and Firefox), I’m never prompted for 2FA, just the passphrase. Is that by design, or do I have something set goofy?


OK, I see my mistake… 2FA is only required after logout of the plugins or the desktop app, not a lock. Is there a way to set an auto logout?

I also was wondering why 2fa was not invoked after browser lock. I have not found a way to auto-logout.

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I’m looking for that too.

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