2FA - Chrome Extension , NO Two-Step login after lock or web browser close

Hello everybody.

I start to use Bitwarden and enabled the Two Step Login but, this work only when i use directly thr website.
There is no two step login with Chrome BitWarden extension when we close the web brower or after xx minutes of inactivity ?

Can you add this with everyapp please ?

2FA is only used when logging in, not when unlocking your vault. For convenience, the apps and extensions lock your vault after some period of inactivity but they don’t log you off.

I am using Authy here for 2FA and Firefox extension on FFox 72.0.2 and Chrome extension and neither prompts me for the 2FA if in the extension I select logout. Only when I logout of the web interface am I prompted for the 2FA code.

Discovered that in my case I had clicked on remember me. I had to deauthorize all sessions in order to remove that one computer from remembering 2FA.

I find that Lastpass is a bit more user friendly when it comes to 2FA. If you do not click on Trust this Device for 30 days then upon closing the browser (if you have enabled log me out on browser close in their extension) then your 2FA session is ended and you will have to re enter your 2FA code should you login again. As well you will be automatically logged out of LP as well. With BW one has to remember to actually do the logout via the extension in order to end the 2FA session and force the re entering of the 2FA code next session.