Option for bitwarden to always ask for 2fa

Option to always ask for new 2fa even when clicking “remember me” on login (or just make it default). This doesn’t work like it should with the browser vault but the browser extension it always asks for 2fa even when clicking remember me

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This is probably because you’re deleting your browser cookies. But to be clear, is your request that you want to be asked for 2FA or that you don’t want to be asked for 2FA?

If you always want to be asked for 2FA (as per the title of your request), then set your Vault Timeout Action to “Log out” (instead of “Lock”), and refrain from clicking the “Remember me” option.

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I want to be asked for a 2fa every time. If I enable timeout 1 minute on the browser vault and logout option enabled. I log out on timer automatically, than only need a user and password to gain access again. No 2fa is required. The browser extension with the same settings has the correct behaviour on asking me for my 2fa on logout.

This suggests that you did click “Remember me” at some point. Go to the Web Vault and use the option to deauthorize all sessions, then it should behave as expected.