Yubikey Firefox Android not working


I recently used my Yubikey Neo (NFC) with my Android phone (Nexus 6P) and Firefox as browser. I could login to the Firefox Addon and use my Yubikey to authenticate.

My phone had to be repaired and I set it from scratch after it came back.

When I try to setup the Bitwarden Firefox app and scan my Yubikey Firefox brings me to the Yubico webiste which says that my Yubikey works. The Bitwarden app doesn’t login.

I set " security.webauth.u2f" to true but it won’t work.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Can anyone please help me? This is getting really annoying. Especially since I am a paying customer.

Does it work here? https://demo.yubico.com/

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Oh I iust learned that I forgot my Yubikey at home. Since I am in vacation ill check back when I am back home.