Where does BW desktop app store its data?

Where does the BW electron desktop app store the vault data (specifically Mac)? Is the data always encrypted at rest?

How much of an attack surface does the desktop app present compared to just using the browser to access vault.bitwarden.com?

You might find the answer in this thread helpful:

Thank you, just the information I needed.

Does this sentence seem a little ambiguous?
“Decrypted data is stored in memory in the following locations and is never written to persistent storage :”

Should it read something like:
“Decrypted data is stored in memory and never written to persistent storage. Encrypted data written to storage is located in these locations:”

Also when using the web version of BT (https://vault.bitwarden.com), is the encrypted vault/data written to disk in the browser cache? This information doesn’t seem to be provided on that page.

Sorry about the edits, accidently deleted my post.

Typically “memory” just refers to RAM, but I could see how it might be ambiguous.