How to delete the local copy of the vault on a PC?

I’ve shown BW to a friend, this evening, on his personal computer.
I think that, as a result, there must be now a copy of my vault, somewhere on his PC’s disk. Isn’t it?
It’s encrypted, I know, but I 'd liked to delete it anyway. How to do that, please?
And, by the way, how to avoid that to happen again when you are on someone’s else PC?
Thank you.

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Hey @misterp can you confirm which client you were using? Web vault, browser extension, desktop app etc?

I was just going to say, I bet they ask you which client and OS but someone beat me to it. :laughing:

This section of the help file may be of interest

Thank you guys, I installed the Google Chrome extension. He likes Chrome.
I’ve also installed and showed him the Windows app
with my passwords and vault of course. I wanted him to see and understand how all that works.

I would say that if you Log out then according to the help this should purge your encrypted vault data on the machine.

Though the above linked Storage documentation does provide further detail on the location of that data.

I’m not sure of that.
BW keeps an encrypted copy on the disk, if I’m not mistaken.
Or may be only if one has chosen “Disconnect” instead of “Lock” in the extension’s Options"? Is it like that?
My vault is not at risk, anyway, but I try to understand.

Okay, I read the page. it’s clear. Thanks.
Suppose that you choose “lock” and later you switch to “disconnect”, I imagine that it removes all local data. I think I understood. I don’t remember what was exactly the option but it’s not really a concern.

I think then that’s important to always chose "disconnect " and not “lock”, when you are on someone’s computer. and that’s probably the default option.