Bitwarden offline

As I understand it, bitwarden can work even without internet connection …

…then, is the encryption key of the master password also saved locally on my pc?


Hello @Pippo ,
No , your encryption key or master password are never stored locally on pc ,nor does it leaves your device at any point of time without being encrypted/protected.
A protected encryption key is in fact stored on the client and server which is then decrypted each time locally using a master key which is derived from your master password + email address salt , through a key derivation process.
The unencrypted encryption key is only stored in the RAM ,till the time the BW application is running and is purged subsequently as soon as the application closes.

You can read about in detail here -
Also go through its “Tip” for more clarity.

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But if I can also access Bitwarden when I am not connected to the internet, the master password must be stored locally … what am I wrong in my reasoning?


Your master password is used for several things for Bitwarden, partly to authenticate who you are, and to derive an encryption key which is used to encrypt and decrypt data in your vault.

The encryption key is stored in RAM, and is used to decrypt your vault while it is in an “unlocked” state, as mentioned.