Locally saved vault encryption key (and not master password as originally posted)

I have, for now at least, set my Bitwarden vault never to lock/time out, and received a warning that my (master, I assume) password will be stored locally. But where is it stored?

And as a supplementary, is it encrypted?

Firstly, you shouldn’t use the “never lock/time out” option…ever. Is it so hard to at least set it to lock every 4 hours with the PIN code being your dog’s name?

Secondly, I just learned that there is a warning for this, so I tried it for the first time. Not sure about you, but my warning had nothing to do with passwords…

It is your vault’s encryption key, which is worse than your master password. Is it encrypted though? Well, even if it is, please don’t use this option.

Yes, it’s the vault encryption key location I want. Sorry.

I understand both the warning and the risks, but I have my reasons. And no, setting lock to eg 4hrs doesn’t work in my particular situation.

I see.

About the question, I don’t really know more than you do and can’t help. Sorry

Where it’s encrypted depends on what you’re using. For example, the Bitwarden extension will store it in the local area that the web browser allots to it. If it’s the desktop app then it will store it in the “Program Files” folder.

It’s not encrypted as far as I know if you set the lock to never. It is the encryption key and not the master password that gets saved to your local drive.

Is this bad will depend on your threat model. For most people who run anti-malware and keep their computers up to date, it’s not much of a concern. It’s no worse than a web browser saving your passwords.

That’s great, thank you