When saving a password add option to "create new" instead of "update"

When saving a newly generated password, please add the option to “create new” instead of “update”.

Use case:
I just created this account on community [dot] bitwarden [dot] com
I used the same email as my general bitwarden account at vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com
But I didn’t want to reuse my master password so I created a new one. BitWarden prompts me to update the entry vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com

If I click “update”, my master password is overwritten. :frowning:
If I click “don’t update”, the newly generated password for vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com is not saved. :frowning:

This might also help with issues such as this one:

A better solution is to change the URI Match detection method to Host. You can either do this for all of your vault items (by changing the default match detection method in the Settings), or do it specifically for the community.bitwarden.com login item (by editing the item and clicking the gear icon next to the stored URI).

P.S. The other issue that you linked does not seem to be relevant to your use-case.

Hmm, would you mind linking to the relevant settings page where I can change the URI Match detection method? I can’t seem to find it in either Desktop or the Browser.

However, something seems still odd with the default behavior:

I have manually created two entries:
Name: Bitwarden Vault / URI: vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com
Name: Bitwarden Community / URI: community [dot] bitwarden [dot] com
same username, different passwords

When refreshing the vault page, it prompted me for master password.
It didn’t suggest the one saved, but instead suggested to create a new one (I’m on the DuckDuckGo browser). I entered it manually.
Then it suggested to update it, showing me in the prompt the “vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com” as the URI it was updating. I hit “update” just out of curiosity.

Instead of updating “vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com” it completely overwrote my entry for “community [dot] bitwarden [dot] com”, changing the Name from “Bitwarden Community” to “vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com” and the URI from “community [dot] bitwarden [dot] com” to “vault [dot] bitwarden [dot] com”.

I believe this definitely shouldn’t happen. Is this perhaps a bug?
Or is there something wrong with my settings?

Thanks so much for your help!

The URI match detection is only relevant to the Browser Extension app. To open (launch) the Bitwarden extension, click on the Bitwarden blue/white shield icon to the right of the browser’s address bar. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shotrcut Ctrl+Shift+Y.

Assuming your vault is unlocked, you should see the following screen, where you can click the Settings icon at the bottom right:

On the Settings page, click on Auto-fill >, and look for the dropdown menu titled Default URI Match Detection, and change the setting from “Base Domain” to “Host”.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you can also change this setting on a per-item basis, if you don’t want to change the default behavior for everything in your vault. To do so, open the relevant login item in the browser extension, and click “Edit”; then, click the gear icon (:gear:) next to the stored URL, then change the value selected in the dropdown menu from “Default” to “Host” (and click the “Save” button).

Thank you for these detailed instructions. However, I can’t seem to get to that setting.
I am on the DuckDuckGo browser, which offers Bitwarden integration in the (DuckDuckGo) settings. But that means that when I click on Bitwarden (under AutoFill) it opens the Bitwarden Desktop app directly. There is no place I’m aware of with specific settings for the browser extension.

Perhaps that’s an issue with DuckDuckGo?

I see. I am not familiar with the Bitwarden integration in the DDG browser.