How to globally set URI Match Detection on DuckDuckGo Browser

I’m trying to find a way to globally change the setting for URI Match Detection on the DuckDuckGo Browser for Desktop (which offers Bitwarden integration in the DuckDuckGo settings without installing an extra extension). In other browser extensions in the extension settings tab under Auto-fill I can determine the default behavior.
However, in the DuckDuckGo browser, when I click on BitWarden (under AutoFill) it opens the Bitwarden Desktop app directly. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to change URI Match detection globally for DuckDuckGo.

This was the scenario where this issue came up:

Based on the Help page on the DDG integration, I would suggest trying these steps:

  1. Open the Bitwarden desktop app and log in or unlock your vault.
  2. Select Bitwarden > Preferences from the macOS menu bar.

Once you’re in the Preferences interface, explore the available options there to see if you can find anything relevant. Optionally, take some screenshots and post here (perhaps you’ll get some suggestions based on what options are visible under Bitwarden > Preferences.

Thanks, yes, I’ve played around with both, the Bitwarden and DDG prefs – but it seems that some of the functionality of other browser extensions is simply not there. The only relevant options are to “Allow DuckDuckGo browser integration” – but that’s all there is – no other settings.
There are a lot of other things wrong with the Bitwarden-DDG integration – it certainly looks super promising, but at the current stage where the DDG browser as a whole is still labeled “beta”, there are sadly still many flaws.
I just started a thread with all the troubles with DDG which summarizes most of them: