When I launch account password is displayed in email window

On my android phone, when I launch an account the password shows in the email window when I try to open website, when I do the same thing when using a desktop, it works perfectly

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

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Could you provide the Android version, possibly the version of the Bitwarden app you have installed, and possible the phone model?

If I remember correctly there was an issue someone else had here recently with Bitwarden and android 12

Android version 11
Phone : Samsung S10
Bit Warden - Verdion 1.30.0

Hi JB - if you are using Bitwarden 1.30 on your Android phone, that release is like 4 years old. Can you update to the latest release and see if that fixes your issue?

Sorry, the 1.30 version is on the desktop
On the Android phone the version is 2.14.2 (4005)