BitWarden for Android


I already created an account at bitwarden, I imported my vault from lastpass, evething is working right when I installed the bitawarden addon for chrome, i also installed the app for android, but when I try to access it by typing my username and password one message appears saying there is a mistake, I tryied again by typing this info very carefully, however the message is always appearing there is a mistake, I have no idea whats the problem using android !!! :frowning:


What type of Android device?


I have one Huawei Y9 (2019), model JKM-LX3


Does the Android keyboard have the same layout than your desktop keyboard?
In some countries the keys are a bit different (in Germany the position of Z and Y are swapped).


Well, keyboards at cell phones are not always the same than desktop keyboards, but in my case I´m trying to type the right keys without success, I also typed my password in a app for notes, then I highlighted the text, then I selected “copy”, I returned to bitwarden and finally I pasted the text, no success again, this is totally unexplained for me !!


Are you able to log into the web vault using this same device?


Yes, look at the screenshot I attached



Try typing your master password into a notes app or somewhere where you can see exactly what you are typing. Then try copy/pasting it over into the Bitwarden app during login (rather than typing it there).

Does that work?


Thanks, i did that already, on my reply Dec 20, at 10:28 I informed you about this, without success :frowning:


Please check the settings (the little cog in the top left corner) if there is anything non-default there. All fields should be empty (otherwise you might try to authenticate against a third party server).


All of the fields are empty, by the way, I wanted to take a screenshot, seems to be Bitwarden app doesnt permit this action, one message appears saying not possible to take screenshots, I suppose for security reasons.
So, is there something I have to type in those fields?, what kind of info?


Does your password have any kind of non-standard or non-latin characters in it? Maybe there is an encoding issue or something.


Could you maybe try a different password? Just temporarily - maybe even a pretty easy one (only simple chars + numbers). Maybe then we can figure out what the circumstances are that lead to the problem.
An regarding the fields in the settings: no, leave them empty. They are kinda advanced settings you only need if you host Bitwarden on your own server (or in a company or whatever).


Thanks aksdb and kspearrin, I changed my password to the first letters on the alphabet, plus the first numbers, didnt work, then I changed my password to just letters, didnt work, then I switched my chrooma keayboard app to the swiftkey app (different keayboard layouts), same problem over and over again.
By the way, my phone is a huawei y9 2019 (model JKM-LX3), android version 8.1.0, EMUI 8.2.0. Maybe this information helps.
Maybe some settings in my phone blocking the bitwarden app?


Any advance?, seems to be there is no any other solution !!!