When bitwarden syncronize between devices

hi, i have a problem with it in android, i have password of a site changed 2 days ago on my w10 computer , but in android the info is not updated. why?

Are you using the app from the Google play store, or the F-droid version?

If it’s the Google play version, make sure push notifications are enabled for the app, as that is how we do ‘live sync’.

If it’s F-droid, you’ll have to manually sync, as that version doesn’t support Google play services (like push notifications).

Hi, i use the one in play store, thanks a lot

Thanks! We’re looking into delays for sync - seems some Mobile apps are experiencing this at the moment.

I’m realizing my Android app hasn’t synced for some for some time now. Several outdated passwords and just figured out I get an error when adding new entries via the app. Any logging we can provide to help find the fix? One other thing I noticed, every time I want to use two-factor via Google Authenticator I have to sync time in the authenticator.

@AMM we’re investigating now, thankfully it’s all back-end stuff, so no issues finding logs :metal:

We’ll update here once it is resolved: status.bitwarden.com

Regarding your time on the Authenticator, that would make me wonder if your phone was syncing with network time automatically or not :thinking: