Sync is broken

I’m currently experiencing a flat out sync break. My android has an old version of a pwd I changed on my desktop yesterday. sync takes a while, but doesn’t raise an error.

However, I’m currently staring at my desktop vault and android vault and the pwds are different.

Please advise.

Android apps use push notifications to send vault updates, make sure that those are working/enabled for Bitwarden.

Does a manual sync work on your Android device?

Correct, I’m doing manual sync, it takes about 60 seconds, but “completes.”

Except it doesn’t.

Any way to turn on verbose logging or something similar?

Further clarification:

Changed ( password last night using Edge extension.
This morning all google apps on android broken due to login.
manual sync on android completes successfully.
google pwd still shows old version on android
bitwarden on windows shows new pwd.

Update (sorry, I know you guys have been busy with bitSwarden)…

I was still having issues and decided to un/reinstall bitwarden on my galaxy Note8. I was getting “Exception message: The operation was canceled”

I finally figured out that, although I had uninstalled the cloudflare app and manually turned off “private DNS,” there was still a VPN profile configured on the phone from cloudflare!?

All in all, I’d say cloudflare has cost me about 6 hours of wasted time over the past week. :frowning:


I think your original ask still applies. It is wrong for the app to show “successful” or even not show anything, when something clearly went wrong. The user can’t figure out what to do if it silently fails. It is also dangerous in case you may have updated your password on your mobile device and then not sync, yet not notify you that it couldn’t sync.

I am making a lot of assumptions right now, but I think this event still requires some follow up to make sure everything is good.

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I agree, @Ben86. I was actually getting a little nervous since my google account is ground zero for me at the moment.

@tgreer, is there anything I can do to help track down this issue? I’m willing to install cloudflare again to help, but I presume this would be productive only if there’s some way to get Android Bitwarden into a logging mode.

I’ll have to clarify with the team but I seem to recall there being instances where the autofill functions were holding onto old data, I know this is an issue on iOS sometimes, but Android escapes me at the moment.

If it’s still occurring, please create an issue here with all the details so we can track it as well as get engineering/QA attention.