Question about Synchronization

I edited some entries in my web vault (also moved them to into folders).
I also added some entries via the Firefox Add-On and these entries are also visible in my web vault.

But on my Android Phone these changes are not visible.
The phone as mobile data turned on and is also connected to a WLAN.
I waited for some minutes but nothing happened, so I went on the Android app to the settings and synced manually.

When is Bitwarden syncing my entries?
I thought they are synced at once (instantly)?

It’s strange. Because the developers have promised Live Sync.

I know that Live Sync should exist, but it is only should

Does your Android device support Google Play Services with push notifications? If not, live sync won’t work.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Android 8.0.0.
Where exactly do I see if my Note 8 supports Google Play Services with push notifications?

It likely does. Try reinstalling the app. There was an issue a few months ago that broke push notifications when the app was installed. Reinstalling would clear it up.

I uninstalled and reinstealled and the first 2 changes were synced instantly (I did not test more).
Seems to be working fine.