Sync fails on Android devices

Have two Android devices, a Moto G7 and a tablet Both running V10 and 2.15.0 (4125) of Bitwarden. Neither device will sync. Last successful sync was 1/23/2022. I tried to sync from three dots, settings > sync> sync now and dragging My Vault down. All fail. I do not have a VPN or ad blocker and all devices time sync to network. I have made sure that all updates are done and restarted both devices without change. My Windows 11 laptop does sync and I can get into account via web access. On the web interface, I deactivated all sessions. As last resort I uninstalled Bitwarden and reinstalled. Now I can not even log in. It tries to log in and in about 60 seconds it fails and says Exception message: The operation was canceled.

I am stymied… Thanx in advance

Hi Bruce - that is definitely unexpected behaviour, and it sounds like you have taken some very good steps to try and solve this issue.

There was some server maintenance yesterday, so if you were trying these steps then, the problem may not have been at your end. But if you are still experiencing issues today, then I would get in contact with the Bitwarden CS Team to see if they can help you to troubleshoot your issue:

Resolved! I disabled wifi on my moto g7 and used 4G. It logged right in and loaded the vault. So on my cable modem/router, I overrode the DNS servers defined by my ISP (Xfinity) and chose my own (Google and CloudFlare). Now all works fine.

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