Unable to login on Android

Been a new user for a couple weeks with no issues. Two days ago I couldn’t login on my phone. This morning I couldn’t login on my tablet. Both return the message "An error occurred
exception message: The operation was cancelled. I can login on the web. Triple checked password, cleared cache and data. Reinstalled app. Tried earlier version. No luck. Any thoughts?

Hi Gary,

What is the internet connection used when this issue is reproduced?
Is it your mobile operator? Do you use some VPN, Firewall or similar network layer security or some app, blocking network connections for specific apps?

Try to use same Wi-Fi as your PC uses, when successfully connected to vault and make sure no security features are active at that time - just to exclude network related causes

Appreciate taking your time to try to assist. I have only logged in using my home wifi and I logged in no problem until as I said, a few days ago. I tried using data on my phone and connected okay. Went back to wifi and now it’s working with my phone. Blew the dust off I guess. Still can’t login on my tablet. No data with that.

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Solved. Tethered tablet to phone to use the phones data. Connected that way. Logged out and went back to wifi and now I can once again login using WiFi. Strange.

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