View attachments without downloading

This has been up since March of 2018, 5 years. I get not everything can be touched and worked on, but items that are heavily voted on continue to just sit, while a ui change was touched and most would of been ok with ui vs functionality.

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Hey @Gerardv514 thanks for the feedback. There are hundreds of active feature requests for the team to consider, and Bitwarden is also built in part by the community, is that feature something you are interested in contributing to?

Rest assured, your feedback has been passed along to the team :+1:

Although I don’t have coding experience I have contributed in other ways, such as finding bugs or areas that weren’t working as expected. My niche is that I can and have provided step by step feedback and specific ways to reproduce issues. So although I don’t have the necessary skill in that aspect I have assisted the platform in other ways, such as the release note email not going out for a few years and my constant effort to push and follow up it was finally resolved.

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Happy to have you as a community member :raised_hands: To clarify, the release notes email was going out, but some individuals were not being registered to the list, so thanks for following up on that.

As a Bitwarden user, I can understand how useful it would be to be able to view attachments without downloading, so thanks for keeping the conversation going.

This is Just one of the examples that a non technical user wouldn’t have followed through on. Below is another thread where I was able to break an issue down to the exact root, of all roots of a problem. A lot of effort had to go into this because initially the first impressions were “It’s not a Bitwarden problem” or maybe im intending for the platform to work in an expected way in which it doesn’t. Nope in the end there’s an issue.

Im just giving these examples because I view the comment of “do you have a specific thing that I want to contribute to” a defensive snap back to users. I’ve seen that language before. Trust me I appreciate everything that is done and the efforts, and I look forward to continuing to provide detailed information to make the platform better for everyone (it’s not just what I want).

Also my efforts and time put in this wasn’t even for me, it was another community member who had brought up occurrence. And I was able to explain how it’s happening.

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A lot of our community contributions have resulted from asking that question, so it is not uncommon to see it posted here in an open source community, but I do appreciate and understand your perspective and detailed follow up.

Please free free to message me directly so that we can remain on topic for this thread.

Before Posting

Feature name

  • Add PDF viewer in bitwarden app to view attachments

Feature function

  • Add a pdf viewer to Bitwarden mobile app to enable visualize entry attachments, such as scanned ids, passports, licenses, etc

  • Now the only option available is iOS when trying to access an attached file is download the attachment which is not user friendly

A PDF viewer evidently does exist for at least some browsers (Chrome, Edge, maybe others), although it currently suffers from some kind of rendering bug.

@bw-admin My question for the Bitwarden team is, how is this done securely? I imaging it starts by downloading the encrypted blob into the browser’s temporary file cache, but what next? Are any decrypted versions of the file stored on the device harddrive in the process of displaying the PDF? Does this rely on Acrobat software, and if so, could Adobe theoretically have access to the decrypted PDF file contents?

Hey @grb the built in PDF viewers in Chrome and Firefox are basically a sandboxed version.

Is that good or bad?

Meaning it shouldn’t be exposing any data, if you are not opening in a specific Adobe Product etc…

Therefore this could be one way to achieve implementation? That’s a good thing.

Has anybody audited these sandboxed PDF viewers to make sure that they do not actually phone home to Adobe?

And with regards to my original question, does rendering of the PDFs require temporary storage of the (decrypted) file contents on the harddrive, or is it all done in memory?

Hi, I’m new to Bitwarden itself and the forums also. It seems to me that after almost 5 years this ability should have already been implemented. I hate to break it to everyone but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen! I have been and currently still am a 1Password user. It allows you to have secured notes that are, I believe, 1 to 5 GB large. I personally have a secured note that is only 70 KB large. Unfortunately Bitwarden only allows for secured notes to be 10,000 characters large. I would like to move to Bitwarden from 1Password but this size limitation is a deal breaker for me. I paid the $10 to add attachments only to discover that a person can not read the attachments in app. Since that development team seems at odds with adding the ability to view attachments in app, how about at least increasing the maximum size of secured notes to at least 1 MB or even larger?

Thanks for the feedback @KnighsTalker, there are many open feature requests for the team to consider, so thanks for your patience, rest assured your feedback has been passed along to the team.

Patience? If your app was the only thing available, I could see you getting away with passing off waiting 5 years to implement something. But your app isn’t the only thing available. I was hoping to switch from 1Password to Bitwarden but it doesn’t look as if that’s going to happen anytime soon. I’ll be impatiently waiting using 1Password until Bitwarden reaches parity with the 1Password app! Thanks for your feedback @dwbit but no thanks.

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Thanks @KnighsTalker I hear your feedback.

338 votes for something open for years and I don’t see this on the 2023 roadmap. I just signed up for a family trial and took the time to move everything over from LastPass.
This was a feature I used a lot to take secure pictures of ids and view them from the vault.
Ugh… Have to decide now if I continue this move or stay with LP.

I’ve been using a workaround on iOS iPhone, called Quicklook. Goto the attachment then select the download button. I then edit the list on the share sheet where I moved Quicklook to the top. This will then open the attachment in a viewer form. It beats holding your breathe for something native.

Hello, Gerardv514.
Good tip.
I’m new to the iOS environment. I looked up the Quicklook but could not find it.
Can you please share details about how you activate of configure the Quicklook workaround?
I’ll very much appreciate your guidance.