View attachments without downloading

I’ve just moved from 1password to a premium plan and it is a great disappointment I cannot view the attachment and have to download it. Please add this feature.


I also just paid for Premium to be able to use attachment feature, but its not really worth it if I can’t view the images! Please add this feature! Also, please add the ability to unlock vault with Apple watch on older Macs without TouchID. Thank you BW team for a wonderful product overall! :smile:


I have been a user for couple years now and I chose Bitwarden over other password managers for its security and user friendliness.

But one big thing that would help me a lot is the ability to be able to view uploaded attachments inside the Bitwarden app securely. I have a disability so being able to access all my medical cards in one app securely and quickly greatly makes my life easier especially dealing with doctors and medical offices all the time.

Right now I am using the quick look shortcut in iOS mentioned above as a workaround but have found that it is not a secure method and was able to download an attachment even after closing the app. So after couple years and no mention of this feature being planned it worked on im not holding my breath.

I still use Bitwarden as my main password manager and it is great, but I am waiting for the day I see the update that will make my accessibility to my many medical notes and cards unnecessary to keep with me in a wallet, which is always lost and misplaced.

In the meantime I’m using STRONGBOX keepass for iOS and it has this feature in case this helps anyone.

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I find it very disappointing that there is no possibility to view attachments in the app. And I mean mainly PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG and the like. I am considering switching from mSecure to Bitwarden, but this is a major disadvantage. I often use it with mSecure.
Please, add this option.

Feature name

  • Ability to see attached files from within vault’s item

Feature function

  • Currently, we can only upload and download (not view) an attached file from outside of a vault’s item by clicking on the three dots. The requested feature is to be able to upload, download, and SEE the attached file from within the vault’s item, at the same place that we manage usernames, passwords, notes, TOTP, URI, etc.
  • It would be more user-friendly to have the attached files managed at the same place as other item’s information.

Will we see this feature added in 2023? It’s been a long, long time.


It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve raised this issue. Is it still on your roadmap? There is nothing worse than sitting and waiting. If Bitwarden can’t implement this feature, let your users know so they can make decisions accordingly. That’s the only ask.

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Hi @petrokas, thank you for your feedback and your patience. I reached out to our product team who has been heads-down with the web vault navigation and interface refresh. As soon as they launch the refresh in the first half of 2023, the team will do research on how this can be supported across all clients.

I know this isn’t a firm date, but hopefully it helps to know it’s still on our radar.

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…does that mean they’ve completed Manifest V3 compatibility already?

Product initiatives/focus-areas, are split up in internal teams. Still pushing hard to support MV3 (which only affects the browser extension).

I think getting features on to the roadmap must be a war of attrition.

We have been trying since early 2018 and it’s now late 2022. I offered a bounty to complete the feature request and it was ignored.

Now I have the depressing task of testing the latest round of competitors and doing a migration.

Yes this is a Must. i see in the Android an option to see OR save attachment, no on the web page version. No idea in others.
Ideally attachments should be created and accessed on the vault item itself then have the option to download. For images like jpg, png, etc should be displayed perhaps as a thumbnail then pop a magnified view when selected.