Cannot autofill email/username on iOS using Chrome Browser - example

These suggestions work great for the browser, but on a mobile device it’s a train wreck. Unless, I’m not well versed in this area, but the mobile iOS app doesn’t detect these kind of fields. You’ll need to switch apps and open the BW app manually, search for the item, select the item, copy the value, switch back to the other app and paste.

Hey @Gerardv514 - this request is about adding a popup interface to the BW browser extension, so advice like using hotkeys is specific to that. And for me, field detection and password autofilling works great on iOS. You just have to make sure you enable Password Autofill for Bitwarden in your iOS settings.

Hello I know the thread is regarding the browser extension, however kcrbsd brought up filling in specific types of login pop ups in the browser. I too have seen these type of logins, where you have to complete the email first, being used increasingly. Although the computer has a simple solution for these type of logins (using the keyboard shortcut), the iOS app doesn’t have the same mechanism. My response was more relating to the type of pop up that kcrbsd has encountered, and how those types of logins is a challenge for iOS. Additionally while the iOS app works great for me too and I haven’t had much of a problem with field detection or autofill, almost all logins types like kcrbsd has mentioned (those that prompt for an email first then password) doesn’t work on iOS. Now since this is the browser thread, why wouldn’t it autofill for the browser too, aside from using the keyboard shortcut? I just think it’s a problem with these new login ways that sites are using, which will continue to be pushed out as this is a mechanism to reduce brute force attacks.

Why not? The example that kcrbsd mentions was, which works just fine for me.

Interesting, doesn’t work here as shown below; but now we’re veering off thread. There’s a difference somewhere obviously, and could be anywhere. BW will pop up for all other login types other than those where you have to enter email/username first. We’ll just leave it as this, I don’t want to continue off thread and I won’t make another since it’s minor at this point and only a small fraction of sites are setup in this manner for now.

Works for me, so clearly it is not a problem with Bitwarden as you stated.

I see what the issue of disconnect here is, that’s an iPad which runs iPadOS not iOS. We’re not comparing apples to apples in this case. What I referenced is from a chrome browser on an iPhone, which natively runs iOS. So it may work on iPad, but doesn’t work on an iPhone. Further looking into this, on an iPhone with iOS the pop up works for safari browser, so it has been narrowed down to chrome browser for iOS.

I could only assume it’s a bitwarden issue considering the autofill option pops up on the chrome browser for every other login, where a username and password exist on the same page.

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Works just fine for me on iOS 15.7 also:

Maybe you just expect the app to behave differently than how it was intended to work?

If you want to keep discussing, let me know and I can split this conversation to a new thread.

Again we’re not comparing apples to apples. You are showing a login page where username and password are listed on the same page. That works for me too, the conversation before was when username needs to be entered first then click next then the page changes for the password to be entered again. Also the behavior is iOS using chrome browser, your above example is the paypal app not the chrome browser.

Furthermore, The screenshot of your login page that you have here is the PayPal app :roll_eyes:. We are not comparing the same thing to see if this is reproducible. I don’t have the issue with the PayPal app either, this works for me.

No, we are just having a disconnect on comparing the same exact steps to reproduce.

At this point, this should probably be split. This would help open the topic to a larger pool of community members to discuss this. Additionally, other members could (as we do in the IT world) attempt to reproduce the issue, however the very same exact apps, methods needs to be used in order to see if this is “reproducible.” If it’s not reproducible then it’s device related and something is messed up on my end, if it is reproducible well then it’s either bitwarden or chrome. However we cannot come to that conclusion until others try (IT world called test to reproduce in their setups) using the same exact software, browsers, extensions etc. Then one can keep going down the rabbit hole of if its working on one and not the other, is it a difference in version numbers, if so then at what version did something break.

Sorry but I have a very good handle on attempting to reproduce issues to find the root cause. I don’t have expectations of anything differently, this is an issue where you are not attempting to reproduce the issue using the same exact apps/operating system.

Again, ios iPhone using google chrome browser. Your first try was a different os and different browser. Your second try was right os, but then mobile app of PayPal which was never brought up. Use google chrome browser on the phone go to the PayPal website and test.

I do appreciate you at least making the attempts. I unfortunately do no have another phone where I can see if its reproducible. That is the benefit of a community forum with hundreds/thousands of users, someone on here will have an iPhone with a google chrome browser and bitwarden autofill. To validate what I am seeing I need someone else to try and see if it’s reproducible.

The first time I used autofill to paste in my info, I was presented with just the login textbox as you describe, and then I selected the Passwords icon to unlock Bitwarden and fill, after which it flawlessly autofilled the password and took me to the prompt for my PayPal 2FA code, which I was able to paste directly from the clipboard. But if one repeats this process again, this is the screen that is presented in the browser.

If you don’t believe me, I can try clearing my browsing data/cookies and start from scratch and demonstrate again. I can also try it in Chrome.

In order for me to enter the credentials on this site, when prompted for an email address I need to either 1) manually type it in or 2) open the BW app copy the email and paste it into the field. After the email address is manually typed/pasted in, I click next and then BW detects autofill where I can click the item above the keyboard, and it will autofill the password.

The issue is that it does not autofill the first entry, in this case that being the email address.

The majority of this conversation has been Chrome, I’ve referenced Chrome at least 4 times now.

But password fill is handled by iOS, so all that Bitwarden can do is respond to a password autofill request by iOS. If the Password Autofill workflow is not working on Chrome, then I believe that is a Chrome-iOS issue, not a Bitwarden issue.

I can’t get to it right away, but sometime this morning I will install Chrome on my wife’s phone (I’m an Android user) and see what happens.

Ok thank you for this insight. Considering that bitwarden responds to other websites, when a username and password field is presented on the same page, can we assume that the workflow is partially working?

I guess there’s a different call that happens when just the email address/username is presented by itself first before the password, and is why there’s a difference between the type of logins where one way works all the time but the email address only doesn’t.

Assume iOS doesn’t see the email only as a login? Therefore doesn’t present itself to bitwarden, hence the email autofill doesn’t show?

If this is the case, and there’s no coding that BW can do, in the event that maybe iOS is putting out some other different type of call, then it is what it is, it’s on the os or the browser. Probably browser since safari browser on iOS works with a username/email only prompt first.

I had a chance to try this on Chrome on my wife’s iPhone (iOS 15.7). Unlike Safari, Chrome does not detect the username/phone number (login) text box for autofill, so as you encountered, you have to manually type that in or copy-paste it in. But after that, the password field was detected and I Bitwarden autofilled after I unlocked it. BW also successfully copied my TOTP code into the clipboard, which I quickly pasted to complete the login process.

So, my assumption is that this is a Chrome issue - it doesn’t seem to trigger the iOS Password Autofill workflow, like Safari does, when the login textbox is presented. I suspect that Bitwarden can’t do much about this, unfortunately.

I didn’t try this, but I know Chrome for iOS has its own autofill capabilities (if you use their builtin password manager). It would be interesting to know if Chrome triggers its own autofill workflow for the PayPal login. If not, then that would confirm my assumption that Chrome fails to detect the login textbox appropriately.

I don’t use chrome’s password manager, I find BW is a much better product. I added PayPal to chrome passwords and flipped the iOS autofill switch to chrome, went to and it detected and filled the username and password fields.

Interesting. Now I really wonder what is going on behind the scenes here. Thanks for sharing that.

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I’m dealing with the same issue - Safari is fine but Chrome seems to not want bitwarden to work with it.