Version 2023.8.0 and IOS 16.6 - Autofill don't work?

Before the new release all was ok, now autofill don’t work. When a login mask is present, if I try to use Bitwarden using the password autofill function, nothing happens.
I have already tried reinstalling it. The automatic fill option is enabled.

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I also have same problem. This happened on iPhone and iPad. The problem only on app extension.
Still can’t fix it.

Hi doxtor,
I used ProtonPass for a while instead of BitWarden, then switched back to using Bitwarden, and now it’s working. Perhaps it’s due to the iOS 16.6.1 fix? The version of BitWarden has remained the same ( 2023.8.0)

Same here on IOS 17.* no way to workaround.