Vault timeout options on Android devices

Hi I have Bitwarden on 2 Android devices running Android 10. Have 2FA and set to log off when timer expires. When I close the app on my mobile and then reopen it I have to complete the 2FA log in procedure every time even though vault timeout is set to 30 mins. Only time it is different is when I set timeout to Never. In this instant I get prompted to unlock the app using fingerprint.
However on Android tablet with same settings I can close the app and when I reopen it I di not have to log in or unlock it except after timer has matured.
Which device is giving the correct response and why are they different? Both running same version of Bitwarden.

For Android devices, I find that you should not setup the option vault timeout action to logout, but to lock. When the app logs out, It will force you to log back in with the master password. The PIN and fingerprint only appear to allow you to unlock. If you set the vault timeout action to logout, it will force you to login whenever the app close because the system closed it or when you reboot the device or when it times out. If you set it vault timeout action to lock, the app will retain your login and you would only need to login again even if you restart the device. The app will only logout if you explicitly tell it to logout.

Brilliant. Works a treat.
Have changed settings on my phone and tablet now to Lock.