Iphone App - Vault Timeout and Vault Timeout Action

I’ve installed the iphone app (not Safari browser extension) on my iphone. I would like the app to require entry of the bitwarden vault passphrase one time to unlock the vault after unlocking the phone, and then simple use of PIN or touchID after that point. Based on documentation I thought that selecting: a PIN or touchID unlock with Vault Time Action of Log Out and Vault Timeout of a reasonable time would work. However, it behaves as though the timeout is immediate; I am logged out without delay and must re-enter the bitwarden vault passphrase. I realize that I could change vault timeout action to lock and then manually log out before “leaving” the phone, but I don’t want to have to remember that manual action. Any solutions?

Hi @CreigWilson - welcome!

Yes, you can do this - this is how I have my iPad setup.

Set your Vault Timeout action to Lock and you should be good. Cheers!

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Hello David, thank you for responding. With the settings below, I can return from iphone lock mode (set at 5 minutes) or even a complete shutdown/restart and access the vault with only touch ID.

Vault Timeout: 5 minutes
Vault Timeout Action: Lock
Unlock with Touch ID: Enabled
Unlock with PIN Code: Disabled

That is convenient, but (for better security) I want to require one entry of the Bitwarden master password after return from phone lock mode or shutdown/restart. So I tried changing the Vault Timeout Action to Log Out. I was thinking that this would require a single login after return from phone lock, until a vault timeout occurs again. However, with a Log Out as Vault Timeout action with a timeout of 5 minutes, I have to enter the Bitwarden master password for every auto fill, even one done within a few seconds after a login done with entry of the master password. It operates as though the 5 minute interval is 0 seconds. So I’m still trying to find a compromise between the two options above.