Android client always logging out

I have vault timeout set to never but the app continues to sign me out.

Any suggestion on how to fix this?

Hi @AnhalSchwaab Welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing. There is a known situation with the never setting and an update is planned for the release next week. In the meantime you may want to add a PIN or biometric unlock.

Hi, I have the app on Android 9 tablet. Timeout is set to 1 hour but app locks the vault as soon as it is closed.

This is way beyond “next week”. When is this fix going out? The release in the Android Store is still Oct 09.

HI @Andrea_C_Powers, Welcome to the Bitwarden community! Thank you for sharing. The team discovered another situation and the fix had been submitted and should appear in the next major release. [PM-891] Biometrics enabled ignores vault timeout set to Never by andrebispo5 · Pull Request #2853 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub