Timeout and biometrics preferences lost when logging out of Android app

Small problem, actually. On my Android device, if I log out of the app and then log back in using my master password and WebAuthn, it logs me in fine however it reverts my settings for Vault timeout to 15 minutes and Unlock with Biometrics to Off.

I always want the vault timeout set to 1 minute and Biometrics set to On.

I can change it, but the next time I log out and log back in the settings are back to 15 minutes for timeout and biometrics turned off.

Why is that, and how do I remedy this?

Note that letting the app lock leaves the timeout and biometrics settings as I have them configured. It’s just when I log out and back in again, that those settings revert to the defaults.

This is unrelated to premium and Yubikey 2FA, so you get a new topic!

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the mobile app, so I have little insight into this problem. Hopefully, someone else can help.

Yeah, I realized after I’d posted it that I should have made it a new topic. Thank you.

Referencing some older posts regarding this topic.

Seems this was a bug and reported in iOS/Android Apps Don’t Retain Settings on Log Out · Issue #2301 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub which was subsequently fixed in PR 2366.

So I would imagine this should be included in an upcoming release.