iOS/Android apps don’t retain settings after log out

Does anyone have an issue on the Bitwarden iOS app of logging out, signing back in, and finding your settings have all reverted to default every single time? Locking is not an issue.

Update: Android users also reporting this issue; post title updated. Please report this issue if you see it so we understand impact.

Update 2: Bug filed on GitHub. Please also report this bug on GitHub so devs see breadth of user impact. Thanks!

iOS/Android Apps Don’t Retain Settings on Log Out #2301

Hey @222 I haven’t bumped into this one myself, what settings are you seeing reverted? Feel free to drop a detailed bug report on Github for the team to review if this is consistently reproducible.

Consistently reproducible on updated iOS mobile. All settings revert to default on log out. Lock is fine. Also reproducible on new v23 version of BW app.

I would report a bug here: Issues · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

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Thanks for the pointer. Bug filed: iOS App Doesn't Retain Settings on Log Out · Issue #2301 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

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I’ve just tested this as well and can confirm this is reproducible on iOS. I changed the clear clipboard from never to 1 minute. Upon logout and login the setting reverted to none.

Thanks for testing. This is helpful to see confirmed by someone else. Please consider adding to the GitHub bug I filed at the link above so the developers see it is reproducible.

I also tested the window 10 desktop app 2023.1 and was NOT able to reproduce this issue there. I need to check the chrome browser extension tomorrow, unless you can test that too.

As far as I can remember the iOS app has always had this behavior, so it’s not just in the recent updated versions. I can recall this as being the case for me, is die to the fact that I always had to turn the “allow sync on refresh” option back on. In addition I always had to reset my specified time out setting.

I also tested on the Brave extension and a Mac where this does not occur. I have to assume that it is a well known issue amongst the developers as it is so clearly observable.

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The Apple Watch Connect setting does stick, though. Just not anything else. Odd.

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I have the same issue on Android (running a pixel 6a using android 13

I’m also experiencing this issue on 2023.1.0 on Android 13. I added a comment to the GitHub bug.

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Thanks to those adding comments in the Githib bug report I filed. That’s the only way to get it addressed.

Can we update the title since now we see it’s not isolated to just iOS?

Agreed. Updated.

I can confirm the settings bug for my iPhone, iPad and Chromebook. This bug is a real pain in the neck.


I can confirm the issue with the latest Bitwarden version on IOS 16.2 on iphone and ipad.


Bump to everyone to please add comment on GitHub bug I filed so devs see breadth of impact. Thanks!

I guess I’m just a bit confused with this one here I’m making my way through this and it seems to be that the settings are lost only during Logout and not on Lock.
This should be the expected behavior, as there are very few settings that are retained account side, and instead each client can be configured separately.

This is particularly helpful to have different settings based on devices of various trust, such as Vault timeout, or Clear clipboard settings.
E.g Using different settings between a personal phone, computer, and work devices.

Would definitely be nice if Bitwarden could somehow retain these settings with each unique client. Though saving those settings server-side while maintaining zero knowledge may be difficult.

That would be a very odd design if it’s functioning as designed. You don’t need to retain settings server-side as there isn’t a need to sync settings across Bitwarden devices. But, they absolutely should be retained client-side. You can achieve this whether you lock or log out with no risk to security by keeping the local settings decoupled from the vault.