iOS/Android apps don’t retain settings after log out

I disagree. The capability is already there for the windows desktop app and I can now confirm the chrome browser extension also retains settings at log out. The settings should be saved/stored client side for each client. Seems like iOS/android mobile is not doing that.

This is exactly what I expected to happen because it is the way all my other apps function on Android. The fact that it doesn’t is somewhat of a security issue. For instance, the Clear clipboard setting resets to Never when I log out. I really expect it to be set to 1 minute as I have already configured during a previous session.

I may not remember to go and reconfigure everything when I log out and log back in. I may not even remember all the things that I did configure like Clear clipboard since it is buried deep into settings.

This is an excellent point. It’s already an odd choice to set the Clipboard default to Never for a security-oriented app. It’s the first setting I change each time I log out and log back in. It’s one of the frustrations that prompted me to raise this issue. Thanks for noting this.

By the way, I have a feature request to change the Clear Clipboard default to something other than Never that people can vote for: Vote: Change Clear Clipboard Default

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You guys are absolutely correct, sorry foggy brain early this morning.
I must have been mistaking this with another current separate feature request to Sync settings between clients, i.e. retain settings within the account so options such as Clear clipboard, Vault timeout, and Vault timeout action, etc.

Not necessarily that this is functioning as designed but more so that this should be the expected behavior currently. Though as mentioned I was under the incorrect assumption this was related to another topic.

I see now how this is related to Log out settings being retained for the particular device. I am not sure if this is functioning “as expected” then or if this is indeed a bug. Hopefully we will hear back on the GitHub issue soon.
Thanks for bringing this up here :slightly_smiling_face:

Interestingly enough the option “submit crash logs” appears to retain its last setting after a log out. @222 can you confirm the same?

As well as Apple Connect to Watch setting is retained to On, which isn’t the default. I can’t remember if submit crash logs to On is the default. I need to turn it off, log out, and see if it’s still off when I log back in.

I’ve always had to turn that off the first time I installed the app , so I’m pretty sure it is on by default.

Confirmed this when I rolled back the iOS app to a previous version using test flight. I’m not getting vault icons on the iOS app, but everywhere else works. Trying to see where it broke.

With the recent iOS update my app timeout keeps resetting from never to 15 minutes. I had always had it on never and now this setting isn’t being retained, it keeps reverting to 15 minutes.

Thanks @Gerardv514 the team has flagged this issue and will work on a fix :+1:

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2013.3.3 release resolves this bug. @bw-admin thanks for your support! I have confirmed this is working. How comes this isn’t included in the release notes?

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How soon do you think until it’s pushed out? I had to revert to the previous build using test flight.

Hey @Gerardv514 I’ll share if I get more info on timing.