Sync Bitwarden settings, like "Lock after X minutes" or PIN

It would be very useful if Bitwarden could synchronize settings, not only passwords, between devices.

For example, I would like to make sure that all extensions / applications / apps I have lock Bitwarden after 15 minutes. I think it would make sense to sync this across all devices automatically, so I don’t have to set it up on every new device / browser I use.

At least for security relevant settings like lock timeout, there should be a way to enforce a minimal security level across all devices (like disallowing “Infinity” lock timeout).


Yes, I’m almost sure I asked that somewhere else. But ofc, syncing everything that’s applicable for each platform is really a good idea. I miss that feature on SwiftKey (to sync user settings/stats), for example.

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Yes, definitely! It the biggest PITA, when setting up X instances of single account on several devices (home PC, work PC, home laptop, work laptop, smartphone, tablet…).

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It’s a good idea to sync settings - it’s a must have feature but I think we should be able to select what (and how) should be synchronized and I mean per device.

For instance - I don’t need to setup my devices differently regarding logout times (never less it’s a good thing to have a choice) but I’d like to select how 2FA is used per device. When I’m at home there’s no need to ask each time I run my browser for 2FA (password is enough) when I’m at work - 2FA should be a question each time I run my browser.


Currently I have to disable the website icons for each app and each browser session separately. This means that when I login for the first time, all icons are fetched. Since this is considered a privacy feature, I expected this to be a global, account wide setting. Set it once, and forget.

So the FR is, to make the setting persistent across apps and browser sessions.

There also is a FR to make it disabled by default, that would also help.

This would be especially useful for security settings. For example, having to manually set the option to clear clipboard (it seems like you’d want to have a clear clipboard setting on any possible device) can be time consuming.


I think the sync of lock timeout is very useful for security.
I would set it as “immediately” and I want it on any device without configuring it again.
You can do it manually on any installation but the risk is that if you miss to configure it on a new installation your credentials could be exposed to who has access to your device when you left it alone.

This doesn’t let me live peacefully about credentials.
For example LastPass has this option and it’s the first thing I enabled and make me feel more safe.


Currently the settings are lost even after logging out. This is especially annoying with devices that you share with others and on which you regularly log in and out.
It would also make sense to have an option to create separate settings for each client, which are loaded when you log in. For example, you could create a separate unlock pin code for each device, which will be kept even after logging out.


This would be a super helpful killer feature.

And before some people respond with “no, I think settings should stay separate”. This feature would be best implemented as an optional setting/toggle at the account level “sync settings across devices” or something similar.

I think this currently makes it very difficult for less savvy users to operate easily. For example, it would be ideal if I could assist a user (e.g. parent or friend) with initial setup and know that majority of key settings with sync/roam with them. If they ever get new devices things would seamlessly work. If someone was ever mistakenly changed, it would be a simple fix of changing it on one device.

In its current state, even I loathe having to reconfigure all my various settings for each device and browser environment I use.


One more vote from me for this feature! It’s kind of annoying to setup the same settings on all devices and to have to do it again if you use new device or reinstall/erase some device

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Currently, every time you log in a different device, you’ll have to customize settings again (clear clipboard after x minutes, disable notification for changed passwords, etc).

Feature function

  • This could be an option, if the user wishes to customize settings every time;
  • Web, mobile, extension versions of Bitwarden could sync the settings independently, without one interfering in another.


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Voted for it. Just let me export extension settings independent from vault, and import them to a new PC.

Agree - just set up a couple of new devices and would be nice not to have to go through this each time! Doesn’t need to be mandatory (for those that have a need for different settings for different devices), but would be nice to have the option.

I can see that this would be useful for some. It would even be useful for me in some situations :grinning:. However, I would prefer it to be an opt-in option, rather than an opt-out one.

New user here! First thing that came to mind was ability to sync settings! Why is this feature still not implemented? I switching between multiple browsers and making the same changes across browsers and devices is really a PITA like was said earlier.

@Bitwarden Support: Please allow sync of settings. If this feature has been enabled (may for non-free members) do let me know. Would love to hear sync of settings works for the paid version!

Can’t agree more. @Bitwarden is this feature already in the planning (with abillity to turn on or off on a per platform basis)?

Thanks, @Huub - we do have this captured, but no ETA at the moment. We’re working on multiple account login/switching at the moment, and once that is available, items like this will be a little easier to scope for compatibility :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.

I have searched and found no specific request similar to this.

I am making this request due to the change which occurred in the recent update. I use both linux and android clients. I have chosen to disable website icons primarily for privacy but also for bandwidth efficiency. I would prefer they be off by default but that would be another request. I noticed the change in my preference setting because website icons are quite visible.

I think those who prefer to see the website icons would also complain if their preference setting were changed after an update.

It is not a matter of preference choice. It is a matter of honoring preferences chosen.

I think all settings should remain as they were after an update.

This would be super fantastic!
I occasionally jump between new devices so having a “One size fits all global config” where I could install Bitwarden, login, and off I go would be a killer feature.