Sync Bitwarden settings, like "Lock after X minutes" or PIN



It would be very useful if Bitwarden could synchronize settings, not only passwords, between devices.

For example, I would like to make sure that all extensions / applications / apps I have lock Bitwarden after 15 minutes. I think it would make sense to sync this across all devices automatically, so I don’t have to set it up on every new device / browser I use.

At least for security relevant settings like lock timeout, there should be a way to enforce a minimal security level across all devices (like disallowing “Infinity” lock timeout).


Yes, I’m almost sure I asked that somewhere else. But ofc, syncing everything that’s applicable for each platform is really a good idea. I miss that feature on SwiftKey (to sync user settings/stats), for example.


Yes, definitely! It the biggest PITA, when setting up X instances of single account on several devices (home PC, work PC, home laptop, work laptop, smartphone, tablet…).


It’s a good idea to sync settings - it’s a must have feature but I think we should be able to select what (and how) should be synchronized and I mean per device.

For instance - I don’t need to setup my devices differently regarding logout times (never less it’s a good thing to have a choice) but I’d like to select how 2FA is used per device. When I’m at home there’s no need to ask each time I run my browser for 2FA (password is enough) when I’m at work - 2FA should be a question each time I run my browser.